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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


Here ya go - Listen to SSiW sentences by Alex Clewett #np on #SoundCloud


Da iawn @GowerRanger a @alex-clewett! You both sound very natural :star2:


Excellent! Very clear. Da iawn ti.


Very well done @GowerRanger I understood every word. Diolch i ti


Here we go, I hope this works… please be nice! :slight_smile:


@jamie-evans Clear as a bell.


Diolch yn fawr! :smile:



Not sure if this works have copied link I think. I thought I had better record this after so long since getting pink badge.

Listen to Theresa’s 5 minutes test by Theresa Corbett #np on #SoundCloud’s-5-minutes-test


Very well done @jamie-evans. Very clear and I understood every word. And…you don’t sound as though you are being tripped up all the time. That’s my speciality!!


Sorry @theresacorbett I think the link must be broken. I keep getting “Oops! We’re lost” from Soundcloud.


Well done @Oddsandgirl sounds great!


Hmm ok can someone point me to a how to please.


Hopefully someone with more tech knowledge than me?
Perhaps @Nicky @Dee ?




Hello @theresacorbett
Please look here and let us all know if it hasn’t helped you.
How to set up an account in SoundCloud


I think this should be it @theresacorbett


That sounds great @theresacorbett!

You were almost there. I just chopped the end off what you’d posted above, then clicked ‘Share’ and copied the link it gave me, into the post above.


Thank you for sorting it :grinning:


Here you go - my 5 minute (well 1 min 17 seconds) speaking practice!