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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


Useful vocab I reckon - don’t want to be hungry or parched while learning Welsh! :hugs:


Not sure whether this is right - can people access this? My partner is cooking in the background, which accounts for all the banging!


Diolch Sean-O lol Glad you get my sense of humour :wink:


Here’s mine - think it’s public - though still have pink speech bubble???


Da iawn @lynne-hughes - and you’re now sporting a lovely red bubble :slight_smile:



Da iawn i bawb! Well done everyone! Great to hear these. I will do mine soon too.



Da iawn @katie-13! You hesitated but kept pushing on and you did it! :star2:


Here are my sentences on Sound Cloud. Gruesome.



Gwych! Well done @BronwenJones ac @emily-9 - both very clear and natural!


Talk about pushing through blocks!!! Not the Welsh - its the tech challenge of soundcloud!

Alice’s 1st 5 minutes


Da iawn @alice-lampard! You really pushed yourself to get through those and you did brilliantly!




Thank you for sharing, it’s given me confidence to share mine soon! Diolch yn fawr!


Da iawn! Diolch yn fawr


Lovely @ionaclare I heard and understood almost everything. Exciting for me too. I enjoyed the banging in the background. Home from home for me as my husband does all the cooking! :joy:


da iawn!


Da Iawn!