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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


My apologies I misread this task and only recorded one sentence - I’m so late in doing this that it was a month ago and realise that I will sound different now so haven’t added the rest.


Sorry I had recorded but not uploaded to sound cloud, here it is:


At last! I’ve worked out how to do it. So here is my 5 minutes test recording, although it is only a little over 2 minutes. It is full of mistakes, but I gave it my best shot.

here goes, press reply Gayle, just press reply! (where’s the fingers crossed emoji when you need it?)


Posted my soundcloud today, then realised that I have recorded the second set of practice sentences instead of the first. Is that OK or do i need to go back a step?

Also, I don’t actually have a speech bubble at all? Why would that be? Have i missed something?


Beautifully clear Gayle. You shall no doubt be bubbled :wink:


I agree with @Sean-O - very clear and natural!


Hoffwn i fynd i Batagonia hefyd! - I’d like to go to Patagonia too!



Da iawn @rafe! You really pushed yourself to get through those and you succeeded brilliantly!


I should of done this task ages ago but never did. Here’s my sentence recording. Listening back i can hear i’m desperately trying to avoid going round in a loop with what i’m saying. More speaking practice for me i think!


Here it is . Enjoy/Jojo/Mwynhau??


Well done Robert! I did learn mwynhau at college but most local people say joio. I live in Goslas, near Crosshands.


Just wondering. Is ‘like a fish out of water,’ a common idiom in Cymraeg, as it is in English? If so, how would we say it. Fel pysgod allan o dŵr?
I use it a lot in English but wouldn’t want to use it in Welsh in case I get it wrong!


Ask Dyfrig Ann, he’ll probably know. xx


Syniad da Ali, diolch.
I will ask him Monday. I can come now as my daughter isn’t coming until Tuesday. Wela i ti nos Llun!? xx


This recording is so embarrassing and I was so tempted to re-record it but obviously that is not the nature of this method or the spirit. SO when my bubble goes red it will match my face tone. I just hope now that I have posted the right one of all the sentences not just the single word!!


Hope this works. Really don’t want to have to do all that again. Soundcloud brings me out in hives!
I’m off to hide in a cupboard somewhere …


I feel your pain Den. Just posted my own. This is all way outside my comfort-zone, but I think that’s part of the point!


Diolch Annmoore, dw i’n dod o Llandeilo ond fi’n bwy yn Lloygr nawr.


Hopefully this works! I’m finally getting around to posting the sentences I recorded weeks ago :slight_smile:
Listen to Cath’s sentences by Cath Hather #np on #SoundCloud