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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


Phew! Thanks Dee! I’m sure I’ll be able to speak Welsh long before I know what I’m doing with this technology stuff! For some reason though, this week my confidence has deserted me, and I feel like I’m really struggling - I’ve started stumbling and questioning bits I thought I had nailed…just a phase I’m sure, and I’m trying to avoid worrying too much (sadly I’m an expert at worrying!)!


Definitely. I’ve noticed those phases myself when I’ve been learning a language, but as long as you don’t worry and just accept that it will happen occasionally, you’ll be fine.


Thank you Dee - it’s good to hear that!


Argh posting this is not easy haha. But here you go… practice sentences! :slightly_smiling_face::black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


Right. Third attempt at recording (interruptions and my idiocy). I still mess up but hoping it’s ok!


Wow @hannah-gallimore and @tanithaeron! So expressive and natural both of you! :trophy::trophy:


Thank you @dee :blush:


Diolch and Thankyou!


I very nearly re-recorded them but decided against it. So here goes…I thought the creaky floorboards in our house came across well!


Da iawn @amanda-11! Yes, love the sound effects :slight_smile:


I hope this is the right place


Brilliant @ken! Here are some red icons as you’ve already got your green badge, so didn’t get a chance to see it turn red! :boom::bird::rose::maple_leaf:


Apologies in advance :laughing: Here goes!

Sorry about the clattering sound in the background, I think my dog needs her nails cutting :dog:


Finally figured out how to record this, upload it and now…to share! eeep, here goes…:fearful:


Only a week late - better late than never (mae’n ddrwg da fi! - or however you spell that! - have stopped manically checking how everything is spelled which I think is probably a good thing!)


Well done @Bobbo and @alice-thomas!
And here’s some special red icons for you @patriciacarswell :maple_leaf::rose::bird:



Da iawn @amanda-11


Only a few days late!


Urgh, hate the sound of my own voice, whatever the language!!!