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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


Everyone is doing so well! Da iawn chi! :clap:


@jade-loughran it sounds great to me! You rattled them off like pro and that’s a great accent you have. I’d be very pleased with myself if I were you. Da iawn !


my sentences


Not sure if this is how you do this…and I don’t think it’s a very good effort! Everyone else is so proficient…my mind just goes blank. :flushed:

The '5 Minutes' Test

Well done @louiset641 and @marilyn-downs! Those sentences are coming along really well.


you sounded really good. I’m hoping my sentences will start to flow like your soon. I spend so much time umming and ahhing I forget what I was trying to say


I thought you did well @marilyn-downs


Hi Dee,
How to I put my sentences sound file onto the 5 minute test recordings page?
I’ve spent 2 weeks getting them onto sound cloud, more time than actually doing the Welsh! I now would like to post them here.


Pregnant pauses and unimaginative sentence closers are go!!!

Listen to Initial Welsh phrases by MattGogCymru #np on #SoundCloud


If you go into your SoundCloud account, there should be a Share option which gives you a link. Just copy that link and post it here, and it should work @chris-52 :slight_smile:


Mind links should not be private to that rate that only you can see it. It has to be like “anyone with the link can sea/hear the track”. With totally private link you can’t embed it on the forum neither can anyone see the content at least if they don’t follow you.


P’nawn da, not sure if this is where I am supposed to share this but here you go, my 5’ test


Da iawn ti.
Well done :slight_smile:


Da iawn!


Yes, exactly the right place and very well done @karine-decorne!

You did it, and that’s the most important thing @matt-osmont. You’re building the foundations and the rest will come.


Just listened to your recording - i understood it all and I’m a southerner. Dda iawn ati! (?). You’re on a roll :blush::ok_hand:


Diolch yn fawr iawn!! Surprised you didn’t drift off to a tedium induced slumber!!


Not at all! I’m on challenge 14 today. Frankly I’d be surprised if I could say anything at the moment! And those pauses… we all have them.


If I edited out the eeerrrrrrrrrr noises this would be a very short recording!


Here’s a couple of red rewards for you, @joanne-hodson, as you’ve already become a blue badger! :rose::bird:

How to set up and record to an account in SoundCloud