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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


Here are my sentences, I’m not sure they all make sense :grimacing:


Well done! Nerve-wracking but worth it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @louiset641 i’m glad I was able to overcome my horror at my own voice :joy:


Will my recording get here?


Well it seems it did.
Thanks for the help Dee.
Now for some more.


And another one.
I feel a greater sense of achievement for managing to post these here than in actually speaking Welsh. Although I can’t navigate this stuff very well.


Well it seems that the recordings might not play as I had them set to Private, so here we go again!


Please be patient if you’re waiting to become a different colour badger - with Bwtcamp this week, we’re going to be a little busy :slight_smile:


I hope this works. I’m not sure the recording went very well in the first place, technically or otherwise!


Eeeeek!! This was recorded awhile ago…slightly embarrassing :-/ But also feels great to have come this far to speak like that but also feel like maybe I could record that better this time!


Here goes!


Mae ddrwg da fi.
I do not sound good.


Strange accent but can’t help being originally London then Cornwall.


Gwych! Don’t worry about it at all…we have all sorts here! Some words even out, some stick and then some you choose to change; every one is different; and every new to Cymraeg tongue is triply welcome!


Thanks for the encouragement. I need a bit.


Great @ClareG - quiet, but very clear and well-spoken!
Not embarrassing at all @samina-ali! I could hear you thinking :slight_smile:
Very nice @sasha-lathrop! That’s coming along well.
You sound just fine, @karin-1! Da iawn ti!
Different accents just make Cymraeg more interesting, and you sound very clear @janra!

Congratulations to all the new red badgers!


Hope this works…



Da iawn, ti! Keep up the great work!


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