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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


Don’t think it’s working?


Can you see the ‘Share’ option @beverly_melnykjones? It should give you a link to copy and paste in here.


I did copy and paste…it looks as if it should work but when I press play button nothing happens :flushed:


I just see the message that SoundCloud can’t find it. I don’t even see a play button :frowning:


Noswaith dda, please can someone help me … I’m usually quite good with phone technology but I can’t for the life of me find where to record on sound cloud ! The three dotted button that all the guides refer to is more like three lines and is not active in my iPhone. Does it not work on a phone ? and can I record on something else or does it have to be sound cloud …? Diolch yn fawr :blush:


As far as I’m aware, you can’t actually record to the SoundCloud app on your phone. I think you need to record using simple voice recording software - there’s usually something free on your device - then upload it to SoundCloud. Some software has an “Upload to SoundCloud” option; otherwise, go into SoundCloud (the website works better than the app), find “Upload” and point it at your recorded voice file.

From there you need to find “Share” in SoundCloud, copy the link given there, and post it here in the forum.


Ah thank you… yes I was started to realise I’m probably looking for the impossible lol … I will find a way :blush: Diolch


I have an Android, but I was able to record by selecting the three horizontal lines icon at the bottom right, then selecting Record. I have no idea what it looks like on an iPhone though.


Hi, I’ve just had a reply from sound cloud and it seems you can’t record from your iPhone only android phones … I’ve managed to record on a voice recording app but that won’t let me copy it onto here lol arrghh


Oh, how frustrating! Good luck @amanda-taylor


Thank you … I’ve managed to send it to myself as a voice note on slack … getting closer haha


Hi GowerRanger … did you ever find a way around the iPhone problem ? I’ve had confirmation from sound cloud that you can’t record on iPhone only android. Would love to hear if you managed to find something else as I am really struggling to find any voice recording that I can upload here :+1: … thanks for your help because I’m going slightly crazy lol … Diolch


This is a suggestion in Slack from one iPhone user:

another option is to use the IOS APP “Voicememo” which is preinstalled on every IOS device to record. Then you can share that file i.e. via your email and drag/drop it into Soundcloud… - saves you installing another app…



Sounding good Anne! :+1:


Da iawn ti Gareth - keep going with all the hard work :grinning:


You sound really fluent - and much farther down the learning road to me! Well done


Thank you for saying so! Being married to a Cymraes definitely helps :slight_smile:


Hi there,
I struggled for ages with this on my iphone. Solved it now:

  1. Get “SoundCloud” and create an account;
  2. Download the “AudioCopy” app from the App Store - it’s free.
  3. Record your Welsh onto AudioCopy. It has a direct link to send the file to SoundCloud.
  4. Open the page in SSiW that you want to copy your Welsh to and click on ‘Reply’. Find your file in SoundCloud click on ‘share’ and click on ‘public’. You will have a file name displayed. Copy the file name and then paste it into your reply on SSiW.

That should do it - I hope.


Has this link worked?