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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


I’m sure as soon as someone with the right permissions has a chance your colour will change. I’ve seen your sound cloud posting.


Thank you !


I hope this is the right place to post these sentences? I thought it would take me ages to record and post but it was quicker than I anticipated! No doubt my pronunciation is all over the place ond o’n i’n trio!


Da iawn @helen-gwyn-jones xx


@kate-murphy-1 Well done you! Ardderchog! Xx


Diolch yn fawr, Claire!! xx


I’m still pink too - but hope we’ll go red soon!


Thank you Claire


I’ll try and be patient ! :slight_smile:


Dyma fy mhrawf!


Well done everyone who posted their recording while I was away on holiday! You’ve all got your shiny red badges now :star2:


Thank you! That feels like progress!


I enjoy that touch of US Southern. Congrats from a fellow Southerner.


Congratulations very brave.


First attempt at Welsh
So thought I’d try uploading my sentences. Very limited vocabulary and sounds like a Bristolian speaking Welsh! But pleased with my attempt after 6 weeks


Well - here goes!


Oh wow, this is the scariest step of the course so far! I’m just about feeling brave enough, so here’s my first recording with lots of umms and sentences that don’t always make sense…


I’m really struggling to find time to join any video sessions at the moment as I’m moving house and working ! I’ve recorded a second lot of sentences but have no idea if I’m slipping into bad habits or if I make any kind of sense … really grateful for any honest comments if you get a chance to listen to a bit :+1: I’m on challenges 12 and 13 of level one at the moment … :grimacing: Thank you so much xx


Sounds great to me :+1:


Sounds excellent :+1: