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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


That sounds great! Well done. It was very clear.


Nice and clear Rachel-Claire!


Thanks Amanda and Helen for your encouraging words :grinning:


Sounds great :grinning:


Thanks for the feedback Helen :+1: I’m going to try and be brave and actually talk to another human face to face soon lol



So sorry if I have plonked this in the wrong place I have no idea what I’m doing! My sentences have been with all the music for the past two weeks :smile:


Exactly the right place @jeanette-lee! You’re getting the hang of this technology now :slight_smile:


Da iawn, chwaer! :whale:


Here goes nothing :flushed:


Fantastic - great pronunciation! :+1:

Rich :slight_smile:


Thank you that’s made my day!


:clap: :clap: :clap:

I agree with @rich excellent pronunciation!


Hello @jeanette-lee

I’m also a bit lost on the Forum threads but your sentences are great - much better than my pronounciation - well done. I think my favourite word so far is ‘rhywbeth’ but I’m no good at rolling the ‘r’!



Hello @rosie-johns

You sound like a natural. I’m sure it helps being in Cardiff. Well done!



Thanks Helen! It doesn’t feel like it’s sticking yet but this has been a real confidence booster


Might try this again with less beer and more sleep, but here’s one attempt:


I agree with others - very clear and great pronunciation @rosie-johns :star2: and I love the way you casually throw “archfarchnad” into your sentences, @nickmanville :+1: - not an easy word to come to grips with!


And here’s the recording by @CaroleB!


A bit repetitive but here goes