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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


A lovely, natural accent you have there @JasonGriffiths!


Diolch Dee. That’s nice to hear as my English accent is more Eastenders than Pobol y Cwm.




This was really clear and easy to understand even though I’m learning North…da iawn !


Gwych. Dw i’n deall i t’i!


Okay here’s my first soundcloud. Pretty boring compared to others as I just have words from the first ten weeks or so! But a start


Da iawn Paul! Off to a great start :slight_smile:


Well, here goes; but now that I have recorded the five sentences, I’ve got this horrible feeling that I’ve just strung random Welsh words together!


Thank you for posting, you’re sentences are great and you sound amazing :slightly_smiling_face:


You sound great. Well done Helen and thank you for sharing


Diolch Sam! That’s really nice to hear. Just a few words can be very encouraging and this forum is great for that. Good luck with your journey too. What challenge are you on now?


Thank you, I’m on challenge 12. My brain really is melting :crazy_face:


That was very clear @yogi-b and made complete sense. In some respect, we’re all stringing random Welsh words together, but that’s how one builds up sentences.

By the way, I’m old enough to remember Yogi B the first time round!


Here’s my 5 minute recording - there’s a mistake or two in there, but obviously I’ve improved massively in the last week or two! :wink:


That sounded very good, @julian-2 - da iawn!


Thanks AlanP, and I also remember Yogi the first time, my wife says I remind her of him, Not quite the “film star” looks I was hoping for :slight_smile:


Here are my (less than) 5 minutes worth of practice sentences.

#816 First attempt. I know it’s not 5 minutes, yet. Just trying out soundcloud


Here’s my first go at recording a 5 minute practice! Might redo it not on a Sunday night later.

Listen to Sentence practice by Terry Dobbins on #SoundCloud


One of those definitely doesn’t make sense :sweat_smile: