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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


You’re doing well @terrance-dobbins! The more you push yourself through those, the better your Welsh will become.


Well, this definitely hurt my head to make it. And if you play it at the same speed as Listening Practice 10 it may actually sound like speech!!


Here is my first collection of sentences for public consumption (if the posting works) - it has to get better than this but this is reality at present!!


Wow @nigelhackney, you have really set the bar high here, most impressive :smiley: I’m off for some ymarfer and hopefully a lot of gwella!! R


@kate-murphy-1 If that was your first attempt at recording and sharing then Well Done! I could understand all you said and you appear to have the accent and pronunciation just about right. Good job!! R


Da iawn i ti


Dach chi wedi gwneud yn dda iawn.


Da iawn Richard.


Blimey, @richard-brett, that’s very kind of you. You’ve made me come over all embarrassed. I’ve just listened to yours and it sounds pretty damned authentic to my English ears.


Da iawn @nigelhackney. We shall be brothers in arms, you from ‘darn sarf’ and me a ‘Brummie’ by upbringing albeit that I now live in Amwythig (Shrewsbury). Think Cymric and you shall be Cymric :grin:


Diolch @carolegowers :grin:


Don’t you ‘darn sarf’ me, @richard-brett. You’ve just blown all that good will. I may have fetched up in Twickenham but originally dw i’n dod o Fanceinion, 'appen I’m from Manchester.


Ee bah gum lad, a Mancy gone sarf!! Unconditional apologies without delay. Not quite in Manc but am due in Liverpool tomorrow for son no.1’s Graduation :grin: and it’s still ‘oop nsarf ’ amongst the frozen wastelands :joy::joy:


Dda iawn!! I loved the cuppa at the end. Hwyl am y tro from your namesake, almost - Sue Davis!! (To Susan Davies)


Listen to 13 Daily sentences #1 by Charlotte Lunn on #SoundCloud

I’m just gonna slap this in here. I realise on listening to a few others that there are mistakes and I was less prepared but I just wanted it over with! I will revisit and repost. I’m loving the course and thank fully not as poor at Welsh as my recordings :joy:


Thank you Richard!! It means a lot to hear that


Da iawn!


Da iawn.


Well, here goes. Quite a bit of repetition & some mistakes I’m sure.