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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


Very impressed! Your accent is really good andI feel very inferior!


Aaaargh, @sandralaslett, don’t say that. When I was just saying the sentences aloud to myself, I thought they sounded fine, but when I played back my recording, I noticed lots of faults. It took me a few goes before I was partly satisfied. I find that recording and playing back sentences is really useful, even if you don’t necessarily post them on the forum. I couldn’t find any recordings by you but I bet you’re much better than you think.


Thanks for the tip! I’ve just recorded some sentences (definitely not for sharing!) and see what you mean about spotting mistakes. Sounds odd with a Devon accent too. :slightly_smiling_face: Dw i angen ymarfer siarad mwy!


Da iawn Jackie! :clap:t2:


Hi, sorry this is a few weeks late, but I’ve been wimping out. Sorry it’s only short, I guess I need to work on my confidence hey :blush: anyway here its is, my best Welsh accent with a northern Wiganese twang haha! :crazy_face:


I don’t think my recording was attached doh! I tried to send it directly through my phones recorder. Is this possible? If not, will I need to subscribe to soundcloud to send it to you? Diolch :blush::+1:


There are some other methods, but the forum software works well with SoundCloud. Yes, if you subscribe for free to SoundCloud, then click on Update and find the file of your recording, you’ll be able to get it into SoundCloud, then click on Share and get the link to paste in here.


Noswaith dda.


So I’ve just done the 5 minute challenge.
By far the hardest thing for me was spending the last two evenings trying how to work out how to use Soundcloud and post it on here :weary:
I’ve got a terrible feeling at the end of my recording there’s going to be a song in Arabic that I’ve no idea how it got on there and I’ve even less idea how to delete it… my apologies! :see_no_evil:

(Edit: the song wasn’t on there thank goodness :innocent: :joy: )



Soundcloud recording from audio copy I hope first attempt.



A couple of weeks later than planned. But I’ve finally done it!


Brilliant Margaret, I’m impressed with your pronunciation and wide vocabulary!


Da iawn! very clear and lots of variety of words, I can see I need to brush up!


Fab Wendy! bravo…I could understand everything…


Diolch yn fawr! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the lovely comment. A little daunting using the tec but it’s done now. Hopefully better next time :grinning:


Same here. I think my recording is on with luck not know how.




Here are my first sentences I have recorded, I hope they are not too bad. I tried to keep it flowing and was trying not to run out of sentences :rofl: