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The '5 Minutes' Test - SoundCloud 'Sentences' recording **Pink to Red** 🔴


I hope my file is now attached - not very good at this bit!


Trying again …


Where do I see my speech bubble? I can’t tell what colour it is…


Wel, (gobeithio) dyma fy mrawddegau :slight_smile: -


Gwych Julie. Dw i angen G&T hefyd. :slight_smile: Dw i newydd dechrau wythnos saith !! I could understand you very clearly. Da iawn. Dal Ati.


Ah, Mi fedra i weld hi nawr. On my profile picture. Ar fy llun profil (Is that correct Welsh ??)


First attempt to share with Soundcloud so fingers crossed! :grinning:


Wow! You’re all speaking so well, so much expression, and so naturally. I don’t think I’ve ever given out so many red badges at one time before! :star2:



Well, here goes. I’m on week 6 of the 6 minutes a day course. I’ve tried to make a rambling sort of narrative from the sentences :blush:



I apologise if this is in the wrong area; I really am totally confused by all this "5 minutes’, "Practice sentences, “New Sentences” saving and posting.


Me too, Julie! :rofl:


Nice one, Julie! And everyone else! :slight_smile: Its inspiring and encouraging to hear you. I really, really must ymarfer siared muy!


Brilliant @Liz-Price! Really well done! :clap:


You have your red badge and you’ve successfully posted your sentences, so that part is perfect.

When you’re asked to create sentences, or continue with your practice sentences, you’re just doing those for yourself, rather than recording them. As you progress, try to vary the sentences, add in new words and expressions that you’re learning, and say them to yourself as you do things during the day. The next thing you’re asked to post is a Question, when you reach that task.


Thank you, it’s lovely to get a response. I’ll have to persevere with the computer side of things.


Oh that was really hard! Hopefully three minutes and 23 seconds is enough!!


Yes, definitely stick with it! :slight_smile: I’ve never needed so many apps and forum thingies before. Like the Welsh, I’m hoping it will all become second nature soon :slight_smile:


Awww thanks @Deborah-SSiW :partying_face: