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The '5 Minutes' Test - SoundCloud 'Sentences' recording **Pink to Red** 🔴


@nevilleeden I thought the same and wondered if we were just supposed to record our sentences the first time and then post them this week.


I hope this works…


Dear Chris,

I have downloaded AudioCopy but can’t find a direct link to SoundCloud.

Any more ideas?


Hi Christine,
I sent you a (detailed) reply to your question from my email.
Let me know if you do/don’t receive it.
If necessary I’ll send it again through this ‘thing’. Although I’m not sure I’ll ever find you again. I don’t do forums/fora/social media etc… And I’m very old.
Chris R


Here we go!



Simon that was really good and I would never have guessed you are a Brummie - not a trace of accent - your Cymraeg is really good!


How to post in 'Speaking Practice'

Just popped these excellent sentences in here for you @jennycassidy :slight_smile:


Here’s mine, all pub related.

Aran, let me now if I need anything else to go red :smile:


Apologies for the heavy breathing too, I’ve put on a bit of timber lately and had to walk from upstairs.


After reading the forum and finding out this needs to ad lib, I’ve done it again.


Dw i’n hoffi bod (the first one was about) mynd i’r dafarn ac (the second one was about) brecwast.



Da iawn lynn-amanda :+1::+1:


Da iawn lynn-amanda! Really clear sentences!




pob lwc i ti hefyd!


Very clear and great pronunciation @lynn-amanda!


Thank you Deborah!