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The '5 Minutes' Test - SoundCloud 'Sentences' recording **Pink to Red** 🔴


Thank you!! I wonder whether maybe I was listening to some South course learners and it threw me??


Da iawn bawb! You’ve all done really well and those Welsh accents are coming along nicely. Sorry for the delay in getting your red badges sorted. It’s been a rather busy couple of weeks!

@harriett-moore nothing at all wrong with your sentences! They sound absolutely fine :slight_smile:


Bit of ‘Yorkshire welsh’.


Desperation from level 1 (challenge 12-14)

A bit of ‘Dutch’ Welsh


Here it is :slight_smile:


Wow! Some more great sentence recordings there - and I love how international Welsh is becoming - Dutch and Yorkshire!! :wink:



Not sure if this is working


Is it just me who can’t work out how to find these recordings. If I go to soundcloud I get the usual content I’m not at all interested in aimed at me and I’ve no idea how to find the SSiW streams. If I click the link in the forum I just get my browser open and state the link is unreachable. Is there a guide available as I find it very unintuitive to use. It seems to be geared to forcing me to listen to music I don’t like.


To listen to the recordings, all you need to do is click on the ‘play’ arrow that is shown on them - the white arrow inside the orange circle. You don’t need to go into SoundCloud itself at all :slight_smile:

Occasionally someone will have removed the file, or done something not quite right so you can’t access the file, but generally just clicking on the arrow will work.


This is my test recording - I hope you can play it and understand what I am trying to say in Welsh. I do love leaning welsh. Going to take my own advice now and go out and find someone to speak Welsh to!

Level 2 challenges 9 and 10 - Lefel 2 heriau 9 a 10

Another bit of blather from Yorkshire :upside_down_face:


Wow - this is really impressive progress!


Diolch @neil-pyper :slightly_smiling_face:





Think I have eventually worked out how to get my pump munud test onto soundcloud and then onto here.

#1041 How mortifying, having to share :scream: excuse my lame sentences!