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The '5 Minutes' Test - SoundCloud 'Sentences' recording **Pink to Red** 🔴


Da iawn @andy-shotts a @jess-7!

Great sentences and pronunciation there both of you, and nothing lame about your sentences Jess! :star2:


Wow! Kudos - you sound brilliant! :clap:t2:


Sorry Sabine, that link just takes me into Slack where you posted the link to this thread. I can’t find where your actual SoundCloud recording is. Have you posted it somewhere else?

You need to go into your SoundCloud recording, click on ‘Share’, copy the link it gives you, and paste that link in here :slight_smile:



Just moved your sentences recording into here @sandra-lewis so others will find it and admire how well you’ve done :star2:


Diolch yn fawr. I’m glad you found my sentences. I wasn’t sure if I had successfully uploaded them :blush:



Unfortunately that link says “This track was not found. Perhaps it’s been removed”


Recordiad prawf pum munud arall o wythnosau 7 a 9.
I hope this is correct, am wythnos 9 step 4, yr ail set o frawddegau ymarfer 5 munud
I have tried to add words I’ve never used before into most of the sentences and I’m sure there will be several mistakes. For the ‘I’m not’ sentence, I have done two, with a reason yn y Cymraeg in between.
And also for ‘When’ I have done Pryd? and pan, just in case.


Second set of sentences :expressionless:



Da iawn Andy! You’ve really been pushing yourself in that set of sentences and your hard work is paying off :star2:


Gwych Mike! Great! You put a lot of thought and effort into those :+1:


Am I being a complete idiot? On my phone I can’t quite seem to track where the actual questions are. I love to do this.



Do you mean the prompts for creating these sentences? They come with your instructions for the 6 Month or 6 Minute a Day course. Can you find them? Or would you like me to PM them to you?


Hi Deborah - ah you see I am on an old old account so I am just going through the lessons on my phone as I go, I don’t get sent anything other than forum updates on email. I think I’ve had my SSIW app on the phone for about 4-5 years so it was before the 6 min a day. Please do PM them - thanks


One more try… :flushed:


Let’s see does this work? I ended up in a bit of a rabbit hole- or twll cwningen as I discovered


Da iawn @sabinemans a @LyndseyM! Both clear and very well done

You mastered the technology in the end @sabinemans :slight_smile: