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The '5 Minutes' Test - week 6 **Going PINK** 💮 (Badges Awarded Mondays)


Done it!


Done it! Better late than never :slight_smile:


Done it - better late than never!


wedi’i wneud :slight_smile:


O drwch blewyn, ia?! :wink:


Oh, sorry, folks, if your speech bubble has gone to a kind of salmon pink… entirely my fault…

If you’d like to get it back to a bright, shiny red…

Go here:

The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


Done it!


No way! Messing with clouds, noisy ornotherwise is not for old dragons! Just take way pink and leave me unlabelled!


I think I’m with @henddraig here. Never heard of Soundcloud before. Much too scary.


You can do it, Sue - and it will help your Welsh. It’s a deliberate little taste of the kind of steps our Bootcampers go through - and you’ve read about how effective Bootcamp is? :slight_smile:


Done it


It’s the technology we don’t fancy, not the Welsh!


Oh dear. Well, I might have a look at it.

Exactly! I was happy with computers ten years ago, but technology has moved on and I have not. I am one of those people who own a mobile phone but leave it switched off because I don’t know how to use it.


Even if you don’t feel comfortable recording one yourself due to the technology, you can still listen and answer the questions in your own time. Therefore, they’ll still benefit your learning experience. As @aran says, it’s very much like bootcamp. Answering the questions enables you to think in Welsh.

Plus, it’s a chance to listen to others speak Welsh. :slight_smile:

I also agree with Aran. This isn’t about punishing those who are not up-to-date. You’ve all completed the first challenge so why give back your prize?


You are right, @AnthonyCusack. I have been listening to some of the questions and answers and found that they are excellent listening practice.


Perhaps @tatjana would be willing to post one of her very helpful screenshot tutorials to explain how to use voice recorder on computers?

Tatjana has an uncanny ability to break down how to use software into very followable (is that a word?) steps :slight_smile:


Thank you Anthony.

Now, @Betterlatethan, you have many things to record yourself but, of course you’d need microphone first. If you have a webcam with already in-built microphone, it will do just fine. You’re not going to do proffessional recording so you don’t need too high techy things to do this.

Windows itself has in-build voice recorder on your computer which can record short recordings and (as much as I know as I don’t use that too often) you can save them unfortunately just in .waw format. This is actually not that bad either as it is the most raw sound recording you’d ever have.

However, Audacity is the most common free software many people use for making their recording and also audio editing so I’d maybe explain some things about this.

First of all you have to install the software which you can find here. So, Step 1: Download and install the software. In the mean time I’ll prepare the tutorial for you and put it online but if you’re in a hurry Audacity has its own tutorial too which could be find here.


Thanks @tatjana as I make clear in another thread, I am not willing to make efforts to learn techniques i really don’t need to know! Not just for one exercise.


That’s fine. No one is saying you HAVE to do it, but this is taking advantage of modern technology to offer another way of practising Welsh for those who want to have a go. It’s a shame for SSiW not to use something that’s readily available, but for those that don’t feel comfortable using it - pink is a lovely colour :slight_smile:


Thank you, @tatjana. Ti’n mor garedig. I hope that is more or less right for “You are so kind.” I am just on the challenge where it is introduced so it came just in time.

Well, I have found a microphone that I can plug in. (My screen was second-hand about 8 years ago so it has no modern conveniences like speakers or a webcam.) I have Audacity installed. I can see how simple recording and playback work. I have even found the option to save a project as a .mp3 file.

Please don’t go the the trouble of writing a tutorial for my benefit. I shall be fine if I make up my mind to try it. If it was a one-off then I wouldn’t bother, but I suspect that there is more to come.

I didn’t come here to have my IT competence challenged, but it is all good education.

Thank you again Tatjana.