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The '5 Minutes' Test - week 6 **Going PINK** ๐Ÿ’ฎ (Badges Awarded Mondays)


Sorry Iโ€™m a bit late this week, but da iawn @donna_echevarria_98, @ruth-7, @norm-jones, @rhian-marshall and @dtlight! Llongyfarchiadau :slight_smile:


Done it - yey!


I did it!


Dw i wedi wneud!:blush: Ga i badge plis?


Llongyfarchiadau @verity-bower, @claire-nicholson and @ann-pritchard! :star2:


Done it :blush:


Hey everyone, I missed Monday because I was flying back to Wales and only noticed now :sweat_smile:

Da iawn @gareth-thomas-6! Good luck with the rest!


To my surprise I find I can do it! Not terribly inventive sentences I admit, but they are sentences. Phew!