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The '5 Minutes' Test - week 6 **Going PINK** 💮 (Badges Awarded Mondays)


Done it!


Congratulations everyone! Good luck with your recordings!





Hi Gareth here from North Wales. Achieved.
Hi-repetition learner here. I’ve had to resort to repeating each werks lesson at least 6 times a day on the weekends and once on the way to work and again on the way back during the week and also spend a few hours extra a week writing the whole lesson down by using the pause button. That is the only way it goes in for me. Mae’n ddiddorol. It’s interesting and I am thoroughly enjoying every minute. Not much of a social media nut so haven’t been on slack. :smiley::+1:




Done it!


Done it






Congratulations everyone! :partying_face:



Done it!




Da iawn @caz-pindsvin @bree-1!


Done it


Done it! :blush:


Done it!


Done it


completed ,found it nearly as hard working out where I was meant to reply,hope this is right


Done it!


Da iawn bawb! First badge down!