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The '5 Minutes' Test - week 6 **Going PINK** 💮 (Badges Awarded Mondays)


I’ve completed the 5 minute test by saying one sentence for each word/phrase every day.


Llongyfarchiadau! Congratulations to all the new Pink Badgers! It looks like Novem is a little busy at the moment, so I’ve awarded your well-deserved pink badges :clap:


Done it! Did not expect to do it first try, I will probably try to come up with even longer sentences as the week goes on :blush:


Done it. Wow! That came a lot easier than I thought it would!


Dw I wedi gwneud o :blush:


Done it! But my file upload is not accepted (Windows Voice Recorder)


You don’t need to upload anything at the moment @edward-angelo. This is just to report that you were able to do it. The recording comes later and you’ll be given an online recording tool to use.

I’ll pop in later in the week and see if Novem has been able to get to these yet. If not, I’ll get your pink badges to you.


Diolch yn fawr Deborah - my elderly Covid-addled brain missed that. Anyway it was fun recording it.


Good practice for later on, and I hope you’re almost ready to show Covid the door! Brysia wella! Get well soon!


Congratulations to @Morgan-Jones @erin-5 @frances-cattanach and @edward-angelo! Keep practising those sentences, and vary them when they start to flow really easily. You’re all doing well!


Hi. Dw’i wedi gwneud o! Slightly late but now onto wythnos 7.


Ok, done.


Done it :slight_smile:


Llongyfarchiadau @joanne-griffith, @liz-33 and @windy-miller! Da iawn chi! Well done all of you!


Hi, I’ve completed the 5 minute test over 5 days this week.