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The '5 Minutes' Test - week 6 **Going PINK** 💮 (Badges Awarded Mondays)


(But @aran, when you said “bo fi angen” you surely meant “bod eisiau i fi”, on’d do? :wink: )


Done! :smiley:





Done it :stuck_out_tongue:


done it but bit late in seeing your message


Done it :blush:


It took me slightly under six minutes because most sentences went something like: “Dw i newydd ddechrau (snapped out instantely)… er… what have I just started? I don’t know… er… Have I just started anything recently? … er… The crochet hat? No, I’ve finished one and not yet started the other. …er…”

I’ll try again tomorrow and this time I’ll think up some pretend activities in advance, things that I want to do, things that I can’t do, things that I’ve forgotten, etc. because this activity highlights my problem with most artificial speaking exercises that we do in class. I struggle to think of things I’ve really been doing. Next time I’ll give myself permission to be more fanciful and say things like, “Dw i newydd ddechrau hyfforddi fy nraig fach!”


Yes - there’s no need for any truth, honesty or normality in practice sentences… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Superb - diolch, James! I’ll see if I can get that to behave itself now…

[drum roll… tick, tock…]


I am very glad you told us that, as I had assumed it when I said mine!!
ps If you tried to award me an Editor badge, something went wrong - likely I didn’t really deserve it!


I remember a Dydh Stoffya “cramming” session during a Cornish Language Weekend (to prepare one for taking the language exam) where one teacher suggested to always use five of everything – you have five sisters, five television sets, went on holidays five months ago, etc.! Because that way you don’t have to worry about gender or mutations :smiley:

Since, as you said, the examiners are interested in seeing whether you can use the language; they’re not necessarily interested in the truth about your personal life.


Okay, so it turned out that badges wasn’t a good fit - they don’t show in the thread, only when you click on someone’s name… but a bit of fiddling with custom groups and this little ‘flair’ effect on the profile pic has given us something which shows up a lot more obviously… :slight_smile:

So if you’ve done the 5 minute test and said so in here, you’ll have a little red speech mark on your pic - which means you’re ready to be having chats with people in Welsh… :slight_smile: :star: :star2:


Interestingly enough, it doesn’t seem to be retroactive!


Eh? What? :slight_smile:


Wedi gwneud.

Is that like doing Dad dancing at a wedding…? :wink:


Either my browser had been caching things (so my earlier post, that I had already seen, still lacked the “flair” while my later one, which was new to my browser) had it, or you’ve been working a bit of magic :slight_smile:


I love this Aran! Really great visual goal! I went through the list at Emma while she was eating her breakfast (does she get a “saint” badge too?!)


Done it. =)


Yes, that worked! Done it now in 3 minutes with the help of some flash cards to provide random nouns which which to finish the sentences.


Done it. Could we have more of these in the future?