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The '5 Minutes' Test - week 6 **Going PINK** 💮 (Badges Awarded Mondays)


done it


Yay!! Done it!! :grin:


That’s me done. Dwi’n wedi joyio e.

Hope this works ! Diolch!


Llongyfarchiadau @ryanneilproudlove @jennifer-hayes @nia-4 @barbara-hall @mark-f @stephanie-ingham @Jonesz-1 - you are now PINK! :smiley:

Well done also to @bronwen-4 for completing this task - I’d awarded you your red badge for the sentences task first before I’d seen your message here - you we’re too quick for me! :wink:


Diolch Catrin ac dwi’n teimlor fel hyrwyddwr :grinning:


Diolch yn fawr :grinning:…sorry, got a bit carried away!!
Dw i’n joio dysgu cymraeg :grinning:


Done it diolch


Done it!


Yay! I’ve done it!


Done it


Done it !


Done it, and was brave enough to try it out with a Welsh speaker. Also this is my first post on the forum.


DONE IT :smile:


I’ve done it! Am rather amazed at myself I have to admit I am usually not very good at languages!


Done it!!! About three minutes!


I did it!


All done. My old brain needed much repetition and, no doubt, will continue to do so…ond dw i’n MYND y siarad Gymraeg (even if I can’t write it😃). Diolch


Done. Though having breezed through Challenge 1, I found this exercise harder than expected. There are some days when my Cymraeg just seems to disappear off somewhere, but there are others when it comes really easily. Maybe it’s my age :frowning_face: Ymarfer, ymarfer, ymarfer …


Llongyfarchiadau / Congratulations to… drum role please… :drum:


You are all now PINK! :smiley: