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The '5 Minutes' Test - week 6 **Going PINK** ๐Ÿ’ฎ (Badges Awarded Mondays)


Hi Nigel! You already have your pink badge, it seems you completes it on June the 20th. :slight_smile:


Congratulations all on your fantastic efforts! You now have your PINK badges!





Done it!


Done it. Medra i siarad Cymraegโ€ฆ Well, a little bit. More than five weeks ago anyway :wink:


Done it!




Done! Unfortunately, the sentences were not as long as I would have liked them to be.


Done it :slight_smile:


Done it !!


Done it!


Excellent efforts everyone!

You now have your PINK badges! :smile:



Done it!




Done it


Done it! This has been fun. Definitely struggling to remember bod vs boโ€™fi!


Done it. Twice. And enjoying the game.


Gwneud o!


Done it, and thrilled to still be on track despite having second child 3 weeks ago.


Brilliant work all of you! You now have your PINK badges - Llongyfarchiadau! :smiley: