The '5 Minutes' Test


Vincent - it looks like the computer still has Richard logged in to the SSiW website. If you click on the avatar/picture in the top right-hand corner, you should see options with ‘Log out’ at the bottom. You need to log out, then login again as yourself.

It is possible to be logged in differently in the course website and the forum, as they run on different software, so even if you’re YOU doing the lessons, the forum may still think you’re Richard. Once you’re logged in as you, I can award the pink badge to the right person - congratulations!


Done it!


Many thanks, Dee. I’ve now logged Richard out and myself in, so I hope all will now go smoothly. I can confirm that I’ve done the 5-minute test.


Well done @ade-h and @VincentHomolka! That’s 2 new pink badges!


Completed it. Yay. Can I have a star now??


Done it.


Done it :grinning::grinning:


Done it :slight_smile:


Congratulations to our latest pink-badgers :slight_smile:


Look folks, dunnit the saying within 5 mins probably in week 1 or 2 of 6mws or even Week 00 becuase joining that Slack workspace filled me with hope and I raced to Challynj 18… no probs, no looking at vocab lists, nuttin’. Then I realised it all had to be formalised and advertised on this forum and my heart sank. Now I’m in Eeek 18 I am coming round to accepting I oughta take a badge of the first colour. Well now you know. 6mws Workspace users may even have had a listen to a recording. I’ll upload my self-conscious newydd-ddechrau attempt some time soon. Fessed up! It is a start.


Done :slight_smile:


I’ve done it too.


Going well @holly-morgan-davies and @bizzielizzie :star2: :star2:


Job done.


Dw i wedi gorffen!


Done :slight_smile:


Done :blush:


Done :slight_smile:


Lots of people jumping in creating their sentences now! Well done all of you :star2:


Dw i wedi gwneud! :slight_smile: (A bit late in posting though ha!)