The '5 Minutes' Test


I’ve done it :grinning::sweat_smile::innocent:


I forgot to say that I have done this! :smiley:


Done it.


Hello, new contributor here.
I’ve only been doing the SSiW course for about 3 weeks and I like the different approach, compared to the other language courses I’ve tried (quite a few over the years). The point is, I’m half way through Level 1, Challenge 8, and already I feel that I could probably start to come up with a sentence for each of your phrases in the “5 Minutes” list (which shows that the SSiW system is working for my strangely wired head). But then I think I might tail off when I have to introduce some actual nouns…

Although it’s still early days, structurally I think I’m making great advances, but my vocabulary is lamentable. Up to now I have used SSiW as my only learning source (I know this is encouraged), tempting though it is to start trying to “digest the dictionary”. Should I produce a hit list of about 20 words pertaining to me and my life and learn them well, so I can fit them into SSiW structures? Have other people had a similar issue, and how did you get around it?

Any suggestions welcome. Keep up the good work. Hwyl am y tro,

Nick, Manchester (Manceinion?)


Done. Pat on the back please.
Wedi gorffen. Pat ar y cefn plis.


20 relevant words is a good idea - but I’d recommend not getting too side-tracked by vocab building at this point - once you’ve got the core structures really nailed down, it gets easier and easier to add the vocab you need most with listening exercises and conversational work… :slight_smile:




Here goes:


Done it! (In good time). Doing challenge 4 half a dozen times must finally have paid off. It made my brain ache! I think I might be ready for Challenge 5 now :sweat:


Yay! Done it!


Late to the party but ‘done it’!


All of my sentences veered heavily towards my need to improve my Welsh (must have that on the brain for some reason)…but…done it! :smiley:


Done it!


Done it but without much variety in my sentences!


Done :smiley:


All done!


Great to see so many people accomplishing this little milestone! Da iawn chi gyd!


Done it! :slight_smile:


Celebrate, @Sonya? Well i ti - well i ni - fynd i’r dafarn efo Huw (sy’n talu wrth gwrs!)…:smile:


Dw i wedi cwpla 'r tasg