The '5 Minutes' Test


done it, and its up on soundcloud.


You get a pink for telling us you’ve done it - if you link to the SoundCloud recording, you can go up to red… :slight_smile:



Well done that man! :slight_smile:


Done. But, after a long non-Welsh-speaking hiatus, I finally broke my fast this lunchtime with some sgwrs gyda/chat with @johnwilliams_6 and @RichardBuck so I have had some practice! :slight_smile:


Yes, done!


Done :slight_smile:


Done it! Almost unbelievable that I am not even three weeks in and have so much Welsh going on in my head!!! Thank you!


Yes!! Dw i’n synnu at faint dw i ‘di dysgu yn barod :grinning: