The '5 Minutes' Test


Done it


Happily managed with time to spare :slight_smile: - will leave learning about SoundCloud for another day!


Done it! :smile:


Done it!
and recorded it locally, so how do I put it on SoundCloud?


SoundCloud usually has an Upload button or link somewhere (depending on the version you’re using) so you can use that to point to the file you’ve recorded. Once it’s uploaded, you can use a Share function to give you a link to paste into the forum.

This explains a bit more about SoundCloud:


Done it!!


Hooray, I’ve done it! (Though I will admit I didn’t manage to practise this every day during the week.)


Finally did it. I had been meaning to for awhile. On to the next step!


Done it :slightly_smiling_face:


Ooops! I forgot to click the link. I did the 5 minute challenge a couple of days ago. It could be that I am getting on better with my Cymraeg than the technology :roll_eyes:


Congratulations to all that have done this challenge recently! It’s a big step forward :star2:


Done it! It seems so much easier when I’m talking about my own personal things. It is a confidence builder definitely!


Creating sentences that are personally relevant to you is the first step towards taking part in conversations. Congratulations! You’ve just taken a giant leap forward :star2:


Done it! :exploding_head: :blush:


Done it, hwre!


I am pleased to say that I am just about able to do the 5 minute challenge consistently now—got better at it over this past week :+1:t2:


Dw i wedi gwneud o :slight_smile: amser parti!


How cyffrous! I’ve got a pinc badge rwan!


Not sure how to post.
Dwi ddim yn siwr sut i bost. Ond dwi wedi gwneud y 5 min test . Got stuck on ‘that I need


You’ve done it exactly right @carlton-hogg and congratulations on earning your pink badge!

And Well Done to @sasha-lathrop, @ginki0, @jonathan-stockley and @michael-1 as well! A giant leap towards having Welsh conversations!