The '5 Minutes' Test


Thanks! Diolch! :blush:


So today I have recorded my 5 minute test onto Soundcloud. It takes me 4 min 17 secs to do it using only the prompts that we were given by the SSiW team. I also wrote out each sentence in Saesneg and then translated the sentences into Cymraeg as I spoke them into the recording–having the entire sentences in front of me in English meant that I did the challenge in 1 min 40 secs. Ignoring the fact that having the entire sentences in front of me is cheating a bit, I do feel encouraged that I can read English and translate into Welsh at a very basic level relatively quickly. Joiwch y dydd :wink:


Done it, if a bit late!


Done it! : )


Done! :blush:


All done




done it. for ‘that I need’ I did ‘On i’n dweud bod eisiau i fi fynd’


Wedi gwneud
Hwyl Beth


Done it. This wasn’t that difficult. Blwyddyn Newydd da.


It’s easy-peasy, isn’t it?! But well done for doing it… :slight_smile:


Dwi dal ddim yn siwr sut I bost neu use y forum.
Dwi wedi gorfen y tri levels ond dwi ddim yn gwybod Beth iw gwneud nesa.
Dwi n mynd yn ol dros y tri levels ond liciwn i gwella a efallai defnuddio y forum .
Fedri di helpu fi?


Hi @carlton-hogg - I’ll answer your questions in English so that everyone can understand as they may be interested as well. I’m not sure what you mean about not knowing how to post or use the forum, as that’s exactly what you’ve just done. The only improvement would be to post bilingually if you want to use Welsh as we like to make sure that even very new learners can understand everything here.

Once you’ve finished the three levels, then you can move on to the Advanced material, which can be found by clicking on ‘Learn’ in the menu and selecting ‘Advanced Content’. I assume you have a monthly subscription and that would give you access to that. You can also use the free Welsh Speaking Practice Slack website by emailing and requesting to join. That allows you to practise your Welsh with others online - group hangouts and individual chats.

If you don’t receive the weekly newsletter with information on Welsh events and chances to meet up with other SSiWers, you can register to receive that here.

I hope that helps,




Finally done it…hallelujah. Ymarfer, ymarfer


Llongyfarchiadau! Congratulations to @zrtemp and @stephanie-smallwood! :slight_smile:


Done it! Not sure why I’ve not seen this post before - must pay more attention!


Done it. sorry not visiting the forum more often!


I’ve done it :slight_smile:


Da iawn @Howard, @andreawild and @richard-j85! :star2: