The '5 Minutes' Test


Done :grin:


And 3 more! Da iawn @djhughes, @siobhan-buttimer and @tania-1 :star2: :star2: :star2:


Done it!


Helo! I’ve done it! Dwi i’n cofio sut siarad rhybeth yn Cymraeg :slight_smile: Diolch i bawb. Lin


Well done @charliebyron and @lin-2 :star_struck:


Done :white_check_mark:



… technically done on Monday but then got a midweek email effectively telling me that my 3 word sentences were not in keeping with the spirit of the exercise so glad I didn’t post then!!




Done it …


Done. I have to work out how to record them next :slight_smile:


Done it!


Llongyfarchiadau! Congratulations and welcome to the pink badge club @jennifer-3, @jennifer-hammacott, @sarah-24, @ClareG, @thomasina-cummings and @james-hammacott! That’s a lot of hard work, right there! :star2:


Done it :slight_smile:


Done it!


Done it!! Dwi’n meddwl!! I even told one of my daughters teachers today (in Welsh!) that I’ve started learning, so the pressure is on!!! Dwi’n mwynhau dysgu Cymraeg (so far!)




Done it (and loving it!)


Superb work everyone! :star: :star2:




Coming here as instructed on week 3 of the 6 month course. I said a sentence with all of these in under 5 mins. Did feel like I was just repeating everything I’d already said in the lessons, but I guess that’s the point :slight_smile: