The '5 Minutes' Test


Meant to add that I look forward to the time when I can vary these and make more complicated sentences :slight_smile:


Done! Hopefully I’ll get around to a hangout soon, seem to have missed them so far. Hoffen I siarad mwy ac ymarfa gyda chi!


There’s a subtle but useful difference between building what you’ve been told to build, and building something without a prompt - we’ve found it works very well as a lead in to starting to increase your flexibility, so you’re going in the right direction… :slight_smile:

The hangouts are really helpful, Ellen - hope you manage to make one soon! :slight_smile: :star2:


Yay! I have a speech bubble :D. Diolch!


Done it :slight_smile:


Just completed the 5 minute challenge - feeling a bit YAY and then sometimes a bit overwhelmed but am so encouraged with what I have learned already - thank you :smile:


That’s how the journey looks for most people, so I’d say you’re firmly on the right track… :star: :star2:


Done - though my favourite bit of this week was re-doing challenge one! :slight_smile:


Dw i wedi gorffen!


I’m done! I’m having to change some things as my daughters (in their Welsh school) day things differently. Eisau for want, angen for need. It gets tricky at times!


It can always get messy and headachy with kids - just plough on through regardless… :wink:




Done it


Ah…about a minute and a half :no_mouth:


Os gwelwch yn dda, @aran ? Cwru heb os nac oni bai-dw i isio siarad yr gair ‘help’ i gynorthwyo?
Please,Aran? Beer without a shadow of a doubt Is going to help (ok, I cheated because I neither knew the word or the future tense. Week one…:hushed:


A minute and a half in Week 1 is going just fine… :star:


Done it but keep closing my eyes to recall words, lol


I, too have found that closing my eyes while doing the challenges helps my concentration. HOWEVER - I find myself doing it when I am speaking to people “in the wild” when I need to think hard - which can be funny or embarrassing! I MUST try to stop myself doing it! In the meantime, if you see someone walking around trying to speak Welsh with their eyes shut it could well be me!


Meant to say last week - done! Really enjoying


I just hope that none of you who speak Welsh with your eyes shut are driving at the time! :rofl: