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The '5 Minutes' Test




finished :grinning:


Great work, everyone! :star2:




I’ve done the 5 Minutes Test!


I’ve done it too!


Well DONE, @joanne-taylor @mair-livingstone and @tsyesika :slight_smile: :star2:


i’ve done it. i hope i got them all right - are the answers written anywhere to check?


Well done! Everyone creates their own sentences using the prompts, so there is no “right answer”. Whatever you’ve created will be just fine :slight_smile:


i’m just wondering if i translated the prompts correctly :slight_smile:


Keep working on the challenges and producing the Welsh and if any are not quite right you’ll soon realise. Being able to spot your own mistakes is a great achievement :slight_smile:


Done it.


I did it!


Done. But all my sentences are about learning and speaking Welsh. I certainly haven’t tried crocheting a new hat in Welsh or in reality!


Da iawn!

And it doesn’t matter what the sentences are about @heidiphillips - you’re using your Welsh creatively and that’s what counts :slight_smile:


Done! I’m less sure that I’m making that comment in the proper manner than I am of the Welsh sentences that I came up with. ;o)


I’m stuck on that one too, it’s just not sticking as well as the rest. Oh well, more practice!


Done it - :slight_smile:


Done it.


I did it!

Such fun. :grin: