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The '5 Minutes' Test


Done it!


Da iawn! Gwych! Great! to all of you who did this over the weekend!

@soo-vinnicombe this is the thread for just saying that you’ve done it, but occasionally people don’t find the other thread for posting their recorded version and put it here instead.

The best place for the SoundCloud recordings is The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings :slight_smile:


Diolch Dee! :slight_smile:


Done it although I think my sentences ramble and sometimes I fall into the same automatic responses.




Dw i’n wedi gorffen rwan (not sure if that’s right at all! I’ve done it anyway! Yay!


Done it, dwi’n hapus rwan!


Done it - (Dwi wedi gneud 'e???)


Well done folks! :star: :star2:


DONE!! Exciting times :slight_smile:


Well done! :star2:


I did it. Although I might have mixed up “i must” with “i’d better”, I’m really not sure. :stuck_out_tongue:


Da iawn! Well done!


Done it! :+1:


Done the 5 minute test!
Sometimes I surprise myself with how quickly and without thinking a response can come and sometimes I disappoint myself with stupid mistakes (that I really should know). Thanks for all the encouraging mid week emails which are a great support.


Well done, folks!! :star2:

I can assure you, Denise, that this happens to all (or nearly all) of us, no matter how long we’ve been learning. But it’s made up for, as you say, by the things you surprise yourself saying that you didn’t even think you knew!! Both things happen to me quite regularly.


Ha ha - I used to do that all the time. I’d find myself subconsciously converting what was said in English into what I would say, stuff like “need to” = “must”, and then translating it into Welsh.


Done. Wedi gorffen? cwpla?


Done, while watching the rugby on S4C (I occasionally go Ooh, I know that word!). Sentences were quite short and focused around cysgu, bwyta and gweithio but not bad for a first go with no one listening!


I’ve done this

Not only that, I’ve spotted an old friend that I’ve not seen or spoken to for a long time in this thread!

Would be great if SSiW was the catalyst for being back in touch.