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The '5 Minutes' Test


Doesn’t matter if they’re short @leighann-ellam - you have to start somewhere and you can build on them as you learn more :slight_smile:


Done and Done :blush:


Done! (dawns hapus) :grin:






Done it (felt like my head might explode, but got through the whole list in the 5 minutes)


Well done to all the new pink badgers! :star2:


Done :slight_smile:


Done it :slight_smile:


Done it!


Da iawn, ac croeso! Well done and welcome!


Jade, Da iawn, ac croeso! Well done and welcome!


Patricia, croeso yma. Good work.


Having just completed my second five minutes test feeling motivated. I never thought I would be able to do one never mind two. On Challenge 12 & 13 mow getting harder but still feeling good that I have got this far.
Well done all.


Great to see more pink badgers here on a Monday morning! :star2:




Welcome to the forum and your first post, Robert. It’s not like a verbal exam… Although figuring out the recording and popping it on Soundcloud to share can feel like a time-trial :crazy_face:


Done it! :blush:


I can do it! In less than 5 minutes too


Done it! :blush: