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The '5 Minutes' Test


Wow! I don’t look for a day and there are quite a few more pink badgers here!

@helen-sweet some people doing the course have Welsh from previous attempts at learning. It gets activated by doing this course so they can incorporate it into their sentences, but it’s absolutely fine to just use the Welsh you’ve learnt so far with us. You’re doing brilliantly! :star2:


Done :+1:


Thanks John, might learn how to use a computer in the bargain :nerd_face:


Ga I gael seren fi os gwelwch yn dda?


I’ve done it although there’s a lot of repetition in my sentences! Can’t seem to think of interesting and different things to say with the pressure of recording it! :joy:


Dwi wedi gneud y brawf pun muned


I have done it but I don’t think I said so at the time!


5 minute test done.


I’ve done my 5 minute test in half the time! :grinning: I am amazed!


Done it!
I get why we have to do this! I have made a pact not to swear whilst recording myself until I can do it in Welsh and more importantly understand what I’m saying!


Done :blush:


I’ve done it. :slight_smile:


I’ve done it also.


Well done to all the new pink badgers! :star_struck: :trophy:


I did it!! :+1:t2:


Done it! :innocent:


All done!




Done it :smile:


Done :smiley: