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The '5 Minutes' Test


Congratulations! Some brand new pink badgers here :slight_smile:




Done it! :slight_smile:


Done it! Woohoo! First big milestone down!


I can do it. But I find my speech is too slow to actually have a conversation, and other people are much too fast for me to understand!


Done it! A while ago…just allergic to posting in web forums :scream::face_with_hand_over_mouth::slightly_smiling_face:


Little steps and all that. You should hear my first attempt - no, make that “You shouldn’t…”


Done! :slight_smile:


Well done pink badgers! :bouquet:


Done it, managed my first actual Welsh convo with a stranger yesterday without any English too!


I completed the 5 minute test in 2 mins 11 secs :smiley:


Done it, less than 5 minutes.


yes! Done it.


I’m so stuck on this! Can’t seem to do it. Should I just repeat Challenges 1-4 till I “get it”? And how do I know that the sentences I’m doing are correct?


Done! :grinning: :dragon:


Hi Nancy! When I first started, long before I ever had the guts to record, I wrote down five sentences for each prompt and practiced them. After a while, I was able to do this a few different times, creating sentences from what I could remember, then writing them down and practicing them. Eventually, I was able to create one sentence and say it out loud for each one, from memory and without looking at my notes or writing, only reading the prompts. I learn a lot visually and through using my hands, and this activity helped me bridge the gap with my spoken Welsh.

Hope it helps!


No need to keep repeating the challenges, @nancy. Just go on with those according to the schedule, but work on building up the sentences. Make them really short to start with, and don’t try to be too creative. Just use phrases that you’ve been practising and try to recreate them from the prompts, rather than from hearing the whole English sentence and producing that in Welsh.

It doesn’t matter if they’re not “correct” at this stage. It’s more important that you start to use your Welsh a little and produce something yourself. As you go on you will automatically self-correct according to what you hear, and remember that you learn a lot from making mistakes. They’re an important part of the process.


I may be a bit late to this thread but I thought what the heck - done it!


Done it :grinning:


Done it.