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The '5 Minutes' Test


Hi Aran.
Done the 5 minute…happy boy!!


Done it! :smiley:


Done it !


Done it!


Done it in less than a minute.


Da iawn Paul. There is no way I could do it in under a minute but I had a lot of fun constructing the most elaborate sentences possible with my laughingly limited vocabularly:
O’n i trio dweud rhywbeth, ond dw i wedi anghofio sut i dweud beth dw isio dweud, achos dw i newydd ddechrau dysgu Cymraeg.
If I ever manage to say that ‘in the wild’ I’ll be very proud of myself. The best I’ve managed to say to a Welsh speaker so far is ‘Fedra’i ddim siarad Cymraeg’ (her response was da iawn).


I did it! :slight_smile: I am so pleased with the course, having lots of fun learning. My hour commute to work each day is much more fun than it used to be as I’ve been learning that time to listen to the challenges, and having fun going over older ones.


Done but having an absolute nightmare with SoundCloud!! Won’t let me upload anything, saying I’ve no space left when I’ve not used any. Also tried Aran’s suggestion of but that won’t let me upload either!! My partner and I are actually really good with computers etc and have even tried recording on phone, saving across to PC then uploading it!! Unfortunately, this is making me increasingly frustrated and ruining my enjoyment of the course . Any suggestions gratefully received!!!


Done it




Done it. It wasn’t mega easy but I feel I’m getting somewhere. Dw i isio siarad cymraeg efo chdi. :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿:heart:


Stick me on that list too! :man_dancing:


Done it.


Hello Claire - I’m also completely new to this (now on week 4) and I’ve been wrestling with SoundCloud too. I recorded onto my phone, emailed the file to myself, saved the file to my PC and then uploaded to SoundCloud. I think it worked but it seemed a bit laborious for the one word I recorded!! I’m not even sure it worked. Can you listen and let me know if that process worked for me? Diolch


Yes!! Thank goodness it worked after that faff! You said “rhywbeth”. Da iawn, ti x


Thanks for letting me know! Feel free to use me as a tester if you need to.


Thanks, will do! X


Done it


Done it :+1:t3:


Done it!