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The '5 Minutes' Test


Done it.


Done it,


Yes, I’ve done that


Fi wedi gwneud he :grinning:


Done , the sentences were very boring though , I’m going to work on more interesting ones .


Done :blush:
On challenge 5 so lots of remembering /practising /improving /learning lol
Dwi’n hapus bo’fi cofio sut y dweud beth o’n y eisiau dweud :upside_down_face:


Done it, although *mynd I dafarn" did crop up a few times initially, but I only used that once today :grin:


Done it :blush:!






Done. Rather short and sweet but done!


Yes. I’ve done it, but I must’ve missed the bit that said I had to post here when I’d completed it.


Done it! :+1::star2::rainbow:


Hurrah, I’ve done it.:smile:




Yes I can, but ought to make longer sentences…
When I started I was visualising ‘dysgu’ as ‘dusski’ before I realised you’d actually supplied the words. Now I transfer the vocabularies to Word so I can print them and see them - remember them better if I can see them. Some people learn better through hearing, some through seeing (I suppose you need both, really).


I’m also interested in when we “ought” to ideally be using the Vocab… Have ignored so far, but tempted…


Done! Diolch am her da a diddorol. Dw I wedi mwynhau siarad eco chi eto


Done. A bit basic but as I was making it up as I went along, it wasn’t too bad. I recorded it to my memo on my tablet and I’m happy enough with it but it isn’t for publication yet!


Done! And enjoying my weekly tasks! Looking forward to making increasingly interesting and complex sentences :blush: