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The '5 Minutes' Test


Done it!!! Can I use eto instead of hyd yn hyn, and mod i’n instead of bod fi’n?


Bore da, Aran. Dw’i ‘di gwneud o. Diolch


Done it!


You can directly record to soundcloud, I don’t know whether you were aware of that? You can download it as an App on your phone and then use it from there. That’s what I did; it was simple and straightforward.



I have the app on my phone but I can see no record function


Done :star_struck: I forgot to post it earlier :see_no_evil::grin:


In the Android app, the menu is at the bottom. Find the hamburger menu bar (3 horizontal lines on the far right on android), click on that - it takes you to activity, settings and you will see “Record” there as well.

I hope this helps makes it easier for you in future. :blush:


Well done, beautiful! :+1:t3::champagne:


Done it! Am loving this way of learning a language - had 5 hours in the car on Sunday so sped ahead to challenges 5 and 6 before getting my Week 3 email - it’s going in and i find when i’m out running i’m practising the phrases to myself. Wish i could have learned other languages at school this way - but please don’t ask me to spell anything… ;0)


Dw i’n gallu wneud hyn. Wnes i da!


Ahh! I think that explains it. I do not have the Android app - I have the App for an iPhone. Thanks anyway.


Done it!


Yeh, Done it.


Done! :raising_hand_woman: (a while ago but never got round to posting)


Wedi gwneud!


Done the 5 minute test!




Done it! :muscle:t2:


Done it :grin:


Done it! :raised_hands: