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The '5 Minutes' Test


Done it!! :partying_face::partying_face:


Dw i wedi wneud hi! Ond dw i’n twyllo tippin bach achos dw i’n dysgu ers tair flynedd! Dw i’n joio (a mwynhau, a dwylu) wneud y ‘dweudrwybethyncymraeg’ cwrs a ffeindio hi’n anodd a hwyl!


I agree, I need other people I’m chatting to, to speak much more slowly if I’m going to have any conversation :frowning:


I have done this. Diolch


Done! :slight_smile:


Done it! Boom!


Done it!


Done it.


I’ve just completed the 5 minute challenge :blush:


Dw i’n wedi gwneud, set myself up to fail with this choosing long sentences which is why its taken some weeks but finally got there and did it in 3 mins. Pelse badge me!!!
One question - on the challenges sometimes its “mae eisiau fy” but when with bod seems to drop the “mae”. so just “bod eisiau fy” is there a reason for that please?


Done x


Done it!


done it!


Done :slight_smile:


Done it :slight_smile:




When you are using ‘bod’ to join 2 parts of a sentence - like ‘that’ in English - it replaces the ‘mae’ so you don’t need them both :slight_smile:


Done it!




Did it … and forgot to post on here :roll_eyes: