The Advent Calendar Challenge


Hi Mark
How do we sign up for this with you ?


Hi Naomi, I saw Marks message posted on 6mths course channel on Slack, I think it is on WSP as well or you could leave message here on the forum.
I think he still has days to fill and Dee has mentioned the Advent challenge in the newsletter. Congratulations on winning your learners award.


Hi Naomi,
I’ve left you a message on Slack. Chat to you soon!


Day 4: chatted with two of our cycling club while out riding today and a longer chat with @amandalaing one we got the technology working! Diolch @amandalaing


Day 5: thanks to @nia.llywelyn for spending an hour to chat with me in Welsh. Lots of fun and now you know where Tajikistan is!


Hi Mark and Amanda, great idea for a challenge an I would love to chat sometime. Send me a message here or on slack if you have days you need to fill!



Hi Kate,
I will get in touch with you via Slack to sort out a date and time


Day 6: No problem…3 hours in Dosbarth Nos…popeth yn Cymraeg!!


Day 7 in Manchester and visit to the Siop Shop


Day 7: Tried a chat about work with 2 other cycling instructors for at least 30 minutes and a chat with Karen on Slack after arriving late and the window cleaner calling. Of to see Gruff Rhys tonight so hopefully try out some more Welsh later!


What time are we booked for on Sunday Evening, please?


Hi John,
I think there’s been a few messages flying about and l have booked a chat with Margaret this Sunday (9th).
Would you be OK for Sunday 16th? 4pm?


Day 8: After a very late night watching the fabulous Gruff Rhys, I had a late start and managed a chat (Slack and old school phone call) with @vikta. We’re good friends meeting through Say Something in Welsh, so it was good to catch up again. Diolch Vikta


Day 9: Thanks to @margaretnock for spending an hour chatting tonight. What an amazing journey you had to get to Thailand!


And what a trip you will have in Tajikistan.:grinning:


Day 10. International call to Ruth in Canada. Vancouver is wet but no snow yet but the mountains will be getting whiter as we speak. Diolch Ruth.


Day 11: Ride out with the bike club and a chance to chat with three Welsh speakers on the road and over coffee and cake. Plus a hour chat with @dee today ( Cymraeg gorau!!) about all manner of things but also a chance to say Diolch yn fawr iawn to @dee for all the help she has given me over the past 10months helping me to become a Welsh speaker.


Croeso mawr i ti @Gog! You’re very welcome and I really enjoyed our chat. Could you imagine having that conversation 10 months ago? You’ve done amazing things with your Welsh!


Ha ha. No…I could probably have managed Sut wyt ti? And Diolch yn fawr… but not a great deal more. That’s why I am so grateful to you @nia.llywelyn @aran and catrin an all the SSiW learners who have helped me to get this far.


Day 12: Hosted a Hangout with Rich, Dave, Fiona and Vikta. Seems everyone is miles ahead of me with Christmas preparations!