The Diolch! Thank you! thread


It’s Wednesday and time for another Diolch.

But some other things first.

@garethrking I should say (one more time) sorry for the brief unwanted quarell with you at the very beginning I’ve come on here.

I’m a bit confused with how many of your dictionaries, grammars and those colloquial books there are. Is there any complete list of your books in which the same versions of them wouldn’t be repeated (as it happens on Amazon with all books, not just yours). And additionally - Are your books available only in paper format or is there digital version of them, too? Reading digital for me is easier so that’s why I ask. And finally: Diolch for every single imput on this forum. I can’t say anything for the books yet as I didn’t buy any of them yet but I intend to in next weeks/months hopefully …

This is unfortunately one of the reasons I still didn’t biy any.

Then on…

In my chronology of who all those people were who went (and some still going) with me breefly or for longer time along my Welsh learning path there were quite some people even before SSiW and each and everyone of them has put his own share into my learning experience, one way or another. I’m actually a bit surprised when looking back how many people I’ve met through social media and elswhere online who played their own role in making me eager to learn Cymraeg.

So today I’d like ot give my sixth thank you to 4 men who played quite significent role on my learning path especially when I was at the very beginning of it when learning was still more like a wish then true thing. Those 4 men are Ioan Dyer, Bert (OLE) James, Ox Oxus (it’s his nickname on FB and I don’t know his real name though) and Francis Taylor.

Ioan is GTFM radio sport presenter who mostly reports live from rugby matches for this radio, but he also leads one Welsh show and The Film show on there. Bert lives in USA and is lifelong Pontypridd rugby club supporter as is Ox and Francis Taylor was presenter at Radio Cardiff who had his own Monday Night Sports Show but what they all have in common is love toward rugby and Welsh language (Francis a bit less maybe but anyway). I was always invited to follow rugby matches through Francis’ live blog (before I found live streams to watch them) and they all were always there for me to have little (two or three lines) chat in Cymraeg, especially Ioan and Ox. Besides the all previously mentioned who I thanked, these 4 were the one who always made me wish and determined to learn more and more Cymraeg. They were always helpful in my atempts to at least greet them in Cymraeg and say some more and with love toward rugby they had spread allover whenever I met them online, the love toward Cymraeg has grown more and more too. If Siôn Iobbins and Dave Rogers were the ones who pointed me on here and supported me with real “conversations”, if BBC Radio Cymru and BBC Radio Wales helped me to be more familiar with the language and nowdays to understand it more, if two teen brothers were the ones who kind of challenged me to start learning, those 4 were the ones who made me feel like I really can do that - I really can learn some Welsh - although not made me that confident as Aran’s conversations and challenges did (but this has yet to come though).

So, thank you Ioan, Bert, Ox and Francis for each and every time you’ve accepted me among you on live blogs and have little occassional chats with me (just few lines usually) in Cymraeg. You probably can’t quite imagine how big difference you’ve made.

Also special thank you to Ioan who is even today my FB friend and I met him last year in Caerdydd and had about almost 2 hours of “chat in the wild” in Welsh with him. This was awesome and enourmous boost to my learning as he’s native Welsh speaker.

Special thanks to Bert too for his FB friendship also and occassional greeting in Cymraeg not to mention all that love toward Cymru, Welsh rugby, Pontypridd RFC and all Welsh!

Diolch o galon i bob pedwar!

To be continued next week …


Well @tatjana - here’s my page on Amazon to remind you, but yes, it still lists previous editions so you have to look at the dates. Modern Welsh is now the green one, Basic Welsh is now the pale blue one, and Colloquial Welsh is now the pinky one with a dragon. New (expanded) edition Intermediate Welsh is being written at the moment - hopefully out in time for Christmas…don’t know what colour the cover will be for this one yet.

There are also non-Welsh titles there, and a couple of novels available through Kindle.


Thank you very much! Following you on there now. :slight_smile:

Oh, and one question for you @aran - speaking of following authors on Amazon, why did you close your profile for following or Amazon did that? I remember I once could peer into your profile just I can in @garethrking’s now but now this is not possible anymore. :slight_smile: (Just pondering my thoughts) …


No idea! I’ll have to check… :slight_smile:


Do check …

And one more tip: on each Amazon - .com or, and even on you have obviously to set separate Author’s profile. So for all the rest of you who’re interested in @garethrking’s work, on you’ll find him under the name Gary King

And the books presented have the same author data (Gary King) However if you search him on you won’t find his profile and his name at book titles is not clickable.

Strange are ways of Amazon, really. …

Oh, and one more tip for all those who intend to review the books they have read (Aran’s or Gareth’s books for example), if you intend to write a review, write it on that Amazon page on which you think it’ll be of more help and where you think it’ll be more noticable because on each Amazon you have to write separate review and if even for the same book. I wouldn’t be surprised if each format of the same book would “demand” separate review aswell …

Oh, but sorry. I’ve gone offtopic!


There are 3 episodes in all. They are up on S4C clic at the moment because I think they are repeating the run.
This is the link for programme 1 (online for another 20 days from today), and the other two programmes can be accessed on the same page.
@Sionned - the content was certainly licensed for the online streaming rights being available on a worldwide basis from the S4C website, so I hope you do get to see it.

Have your tissues ready though - I have to admit to crying more than once whilst working on it.


Did you work on it? well diolch yn fawr i chi hefyd!! Really brilliant series!


Not that Internationally though. I get this for all 3 programs.

What writes at the bottom is not error on my PC/browser but I always get such message when there’s something I am not allowed to watch on S4C. …


That’s interesting feedback - I’m not in the office this week, but when I’m back I will draw the bosses’ attention to this, as it’s clearly contrary to the licensing clause. Thanks Tatjana.


Diolch :smiley: Glad you enjoyed it.
If you watch the end credits closely, you’ll see my name flash by! :wink:


[quote=“tatjana, post:210, topic:7601”]
I get this for all 3 programs.[/quote]
So do I. I saw the “ad” just fine, but then the program wouldn’t start. Looks interesting, though.


It’s certainly something I’ll bring up at work. I’ll check whether there’s something in the small print that says the worldwide bit only applies to the first broadcasts because if so that needs to be addressed with S4C.


Thank you.

So did I … “Yfed yn ddiogelDrink Safe” is the one which plays every time. :slight_smile:


@siaronjames, did you go to USA to film? I remembered it as all being set in America. Something makes me think I must have remembered wrong - I can’t see S4C affording to fly folk over!


I didn’t, but Jerry (who is now based in Bangor) and Ifor (who produced and directed it) and the cameraman did. S4C do occasionally give us enough money to allow for overseas filming! :wink:


Diolch @siaronjames for keeping us informed of what S4C can still do and cannot do! Diolch for programme information and for trying to sort out the problems of those trying to view on S4C International! Diolch for all you do for the one, only TV channel yn y Gymraeg!


I’m just a minion, but I do what I can! :wink:


A very useful minion to us, Siaron fach! :wink:


I missed my Friday diolch - and this week, there’s no doubt at all - it’s a gigantic


to our marvellous 10 bootcampers…

Jane, Amanda, Liz, John, Roger, Gareth, Milla, Sonia, Anne, Jenny… you were all absolute stars. I loved having you here, I loved your hard work and your enthusiasm and your downright cheekiness and your energy and your generosity and your friendliness and your courage and your cooking.

ANY time you’re in the area, do please let us know and come and have a panad. You are an inspiration and a joy to us… :heart:

Tagging @amandalaing @elizabeth_jane @johnjones_5 @Y_Ddraig_Las @netmouse @Novem @Jenny @AnneEvans @Jane and I’m not sure what Roger’s forum name is… :slight_smile:


Diolch yn fawr Aran, but I think it is you and Catrin who really deserve the highest praise! Bwtcamp was an unforgettable experience and the progress we made, the fun that we had and the friendships we made are really a credit to all the work that you do with SSiW. Thank you +++++