The Diolch! Thank you! thread


A huge Diolch to you and Catrin too for a brilliant week! And to the other bootcampers too, for being such great company.

The invitation definitely extends in the other direction too - and to any of you of course who happen to find yourselves ‘yn y de’! (Aargh!)


If this misfortune ever befalls me…:wink:


Thank you Aran and Catrin for an amazing week. It was my second Bootcamp and a completely different experience to my first. I adore Caernarfon. In my next life, I’m definitely going to be a Cofi! It was great to share the week with you all and to watch people’s Welsh change before my eyes. So many laughs, so many amazing memories. I intend to visit Cardiff late May/early July and I’d love to have a catch up with whoever is around. I will keep you posted. Likewise, if you are ever in Melbourne, there is a spare bed and a warm welcome to anyone from the SSIW community. Maybe one day we’ll get that Aussie Bootcamp off the ground Aran?


Let me know if you’re in Cardiff. If I’m not working I’ll be around. Word to the wise - avoid the 3rd - 4th June in Cardiff. It’s the Champions League Final. They’re expecting 300,000 extra people in Cardiff each day and prices for places to stay are extortionate that weekend.


Oh man, nice to know, Anthony! I’m very glad we’ll be up near Caernarfon by then!


It’s a must. One of these days… :slight_smile:


Aaah, writing in English again…

Like other people from bootcamp, I’m thanking @aran and @catrinlliarjones this week. :smiley:

Diolch yn fawr iawn for the best week of my life, the party, and everything you have done and are continuing to do with SSiW. You are both lovely people to talk to and it was great getting to know you in real life. :heart:

And diolch Aran for saying so many nice things…

…that thing about my writing - I had never had anyone other than my mom say anything about it before, so I guess I just always ignored writing as something I can’t do, don’t like and will never do outside of school. What you said made me start thinking about it. I don’t actually dislike writing as much as I’ve been telling myself I do. Or, well, I kind of like it. I guess I still worry too much about too many things related to it. (Maybe because of school…)

…the university thing. Diolch yn fawr iawn iawn for your support. Diolch for talking to people about it. Diolch for what you said about my Welsh being good enough for it…

…aand about the memories of bootcamp, about how those are what’s important and that two months/two years is not that long. I’ve also been feeling a bit (uhm… very…) down after returning yesterday, but every now and then I find myself smiling at some joke or conversation from bootcamp I’ve just remembered. So diolch for reminding me. I will get over it. Two months is not that long. Two years is not that long.

Could you say hi to Angharad and Beuno for me please? I didn’t properly realise that that Thursday would be the last time I saw them that trip :stuck_out_tongue: Looking forward to hopefully meeting them again in the summer.

Writing all of that in English felt really weird. Should have said it face to face in Welsh when I had the chance…

(If my English is weird I blame bootcamp!)


Angharad sends a ‘hello!’ back which was somewhere between a ‘hello’ and a little scream, and wants me to tell you that she’s doing handstands… :slight_smile:

Croeso mawr iawn i ti, Milla. Don’t worry about stuff with writing, just let your natural flair for it flow…:slight_smile: And we’ll see you fairly soon!


Another thanks from me to everyone involved the making, administration and everything else involved in SSiW.

I have, literally just this minute, completed SSiW (i.e everything available to a Southern dweller like me, New Course 1+2. Old Course 1,2,3 and the associated vocab units and the listening bits multiple times!) in a little over 5 months :slight_smile:

What next (while waiting for New Southern Course 3!)…

…starting New Course again!!

Here’s to the next 145 lessons!


After visiting Caernarfon last Tuesday I really must thank all who attended the bootcamp also for being really welcoming. It was a real pleasure being a small part of this bootcamp, even for just a couple of hours. Thanks guys. :blush:


I also want to thank everyone who helped make the party weekend so great for me, from everyone I spoke with before getting to the Galeri, everyone at the party itself and those I shared a breakfast with in the Morrison’s cafe. I don’t think I could realistically list everyone.

Thank you all so much, what a great weekend.


And Wednesday, the time for new Diolch post for me is here again.

This one migt seam cheesy or a bit stupid to you, but despite they directly did actually nothing and are not aware of the impact of what they’re doing - yah, only playing rugby what it is - they had huge impact on me regarding learning Welsh.

Now you all probably already know that my seventh thank you goes to the Welsh rugby team, especially to that one who played inbetween 2010 and 2014 in particular because these men are indirectly (sorry guys you’re not aware of that) the most guilty I started actually learning Welsh of all! (o, ja, guilty in deed … :slight_smile: )

Those teen brothers, mentioned before in previous posts, were the ones who left me alone on the forum I’ve worked for right in the middle of British and Irish Lions Tour 2009 to South Africa and they discussed just good portion of rugby before that as well, just enough to get me interested into that field of Welsh life aswell. Not educated about rugby at all I started to follow that Lions tour and fell in love with rugby. What this all has to do with learning Welsh you’ll probably ask? For ordinary person who is just sane enough not to do silly stuff and promisses, probably nothing at all but for me the events which occured to the need of learning Welsh have yet to come and the guilt of Welsh rugby team with that aswell.

It was after the Lions tour when I finally tried to search for some live streams from the rugby games, whatever games which involved Cardiff blues, Welsh rugby union team, Ospreys, Dragons or Scarlets, just that it would be rugby game which I could watch or at least listen to the comentary. What actually I could (only) find was live audio comentary of one game Scarlets (if I’m correct) played against someone (don’t remember who though) in Welsh!

I was already challenged to learn by those two teen brothers and well accepted by those 4 men I’ve written about in previous post in joining live blogs, so I just somehow thought I’d understand at least some of that comentary too. I don’t remember the comentary of the game though but I know that standard words were more or less said in English (like try and similar stuff) but I do remember the interview with George North afterwards which I just wanted to understand but I found out I actually don’t have a clue what he’s talking about. He talked fast, this is all I can remember. So the time of searching for something perfect to learn Welsh actually began. Yes, I’ve learnt some little portion of Welsh by 2012 but as you know I didn’t find SSiW yet.

The boys won 6 Nations Grand Slam in 2012 and as I’ve promissed to myself that if they win it I’ll learn Welsh and I tend to keep promisses I make I was determined to keep this one too. Not much to thank you’d say … but this win and my conscience that I have to keep that promise now, propelled me far ahead in learning Welsh.

So thank you boys who played in those 2 or 3 years (some are playing even now) because you did something great for Welsh language and you don’t even know that!

Diolch yn fawr iawn!

To be continued next week …


Was great hearing your name on radio Cymru this morning @tatjana :slight_smile:


What time? Might, probably won’t, be able to get it on catch up.


I think it was around 9:45am ish . He mentioned that @tatjana who lived in Slovenia was learning Welsh , played a request for her , thanked her for listening . I was being distracted at the time so didn’t catch it all properly


Phiew! Diolch.

I didn’t even pay attention that I’d be mentioned. I’ve just written on Facebook that I’m alone at home so I can listen Radio Cymru too loud if I want and then it all started. Well I did tagged them though as I always do if I mention someone somewhere in my tweet or post on Facebook. I won’t lie though, it was great to hear mention of me several times.

Well, this can happen if you’re at home on a sick-leave and you must rest and not work too much. :slight_smile:

Here’s the link @margaretnock and all the rest and he first mentions me at 58:40 (ish).

My challenges

Found you, heard all about you! Although nothing I didn’t know already. I hope you get better very soon @tatjana.


Thank you. After some treatment and a bit of rest at home it’s much better now and I believe I’d go back to work on Monday.

I’ve heard that bit where he surprised put the question why I’m learning Welsh at all only when listening to it one more time as I was distracted with something and not in the same place as my computer is. Poor guy, he just couldn’t quite understand why I’d learn Welsh at all but he was certainly happy about that. :slight_smile: And, yes, of course you’ve heard nothing what you wouldn’t know already. There’s not much new to tell about me anyway. :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that you haven’t been well, but happy that things are improving. Brysia wella! I listened to you being mentioned on Radio Cymru - very cool :slight_smile:


Thank you.

Yah, these are those “silly” things I do when I get into the mood. And listening to Radio Cymru always makes me tweeting something although as I was mentioned so much I (wps - this time really) feared he might ask me to call in … To be honest both of presenters speak too fast for me although if listening for a while you get used to it and get the gist of what is said.