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The he. That she


I understand that EI BOD HI… = That she… and EI FOD E…= That he…

Why is there a mutation from Bod to Fod for “that he”?


It’s just that the masculine pronoun soft-mutates after ei. There is no mutation for hi, chi, ni or nhw, but ei also causes a soft mutation on ti and a nasal mutation on fy.
However, it is common in speech for the mutations not to be used for any pronoun.


Diolch Siaron. My curiosity is now satisfied. As a learner it’s always to hear of instances where mutations are not commonly used in speech - because my main purpose in learning Welsh is to become and adequate speaker


You’ll find that the SSiW course just uses the colloquial spoken version:

bo fi, bo ti, bo hi, bo fe/fo, bo ni, bo chi, bo nhw

It’s much simpler!


That is what I like about the SSiW courses. My aim is to be able to speak Welsh with friends and others in my locality (Llanelli and Carmarthenshire)