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The Italian's Tour Diary goes...Parallel.Cymru


Ciao, piacere di conoscerti! :slight_smile:

Looks like the possibility of Welsh-English-Finnish-Italian chats might soon be a reality. :grin:
(Unfortunately I don’t speak Finnish at all, but @Novem does and although currently busy with exams I’m confident will be back with his conversation group -that by the way I still haven’t been to!)


Benvenuto! Meillä on paljon samoja kieliä :sweat_smile:

(edit - Welcome! We have a lot of the same languages)

@gisella-albertini, you might have to learn Finnish next!


Well…quite a bit more puzzling than Welsh, both in written and spoken form, from what I saw and heard. :scream:

But if there’s ever going to be a Say Something in Finnish course I’ll take it into consideration. :smiley:


Novem, oletko Suomalainen? Vai oletko Italialainen? / Sei finlandese? O sei italiano/-a?


Finlandese ma sono nato in Italia. Muutin Italiasta Suomeen 9 vuotiaana ja asun nyt (vielä pari kuukautta) Suomessa :smile:

(edit - I’m Finnish but was born in Italy. I moved to Finland when I was 9 years old and live here now)


@justus-robin-hall and @Novem
Annwyl cyfeillion / Dear friends. We have a dedicated thread for those who wish to converse in Welsh. Should we have the same in Finnish and Italian? :laughing:
Seriously, could you provide translations into English or use private messages :smile:
(I love both Finnish and Italian, by the way and can even get by in one of them. :smile:)


Sorry, good point! :blush: :smile:


Croeso Kemosabe?


I think this is a point that deserves some thought - the main aim for English as the board language is so that learners of Welsh can communicate through a language they already speak… the same thing will hold true for the Spanish section as we (hopefully!) start to get more learners there…

But what happens when we have a Welsh course available through the medium of Spanish/Italian/Breton etc? The key aim for learners to be able to ask for help easily would no longer fit with just ‘everything in English’ - so I think we need to give some thought to the best ways of working around that…


No need to apolgise. :smile: I hope to get the chance of talking Welsh (and Italian?) to you again before too long.


Esperanto or Latin as the lingua franca? :laughing:
I know one person who’d support the former. :wink:


Oh yes…ond:

Is apparently the safe word :hushed:


And indeed the correct one. :+1:


I’ve just gotta know
a: what is a Volapükist
b what is a Sperantapük
Put me out of my misery, please. :smile:


Volapük is a created international language.
Then I am assuming that a Volapükist is someone who speaks the language or is an enthusiast for it.
Sperantapük must be Volapük for Esperanto.


I always thought it was random sounds, turns out there’s a language sounding more or less like this? :grinning:

p.s. @Novem even though I can guess it has something to do with Finland, Suomessa still sounds quite funny to an Italian!


O Dioch yn fawr iawn / Thank you very much.
I shall be able to sleep tonight. :smile:


Correct! :slight_smile: