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The Italian's Tour Diary goes...Parallel.Cymru


Ciao, piacere di conoscerti! :slight_smile:

Looks like the possibility of Welsh-English-Finnish-Italian chats might soon be a reality. :grin:
(Unfortunately I don’t speak Finnish at all, but @Novem does and although currently busy with exams I’m confident will be back with his conversation group -that by the way I still haven’t been to!)


Benvenuto! Meillä on paljon samoja kieliä :sweat_smile:

(edit - Welcome! We have a lot of the same languages)

@gisella-albertini, you might have to learn Finnish next!


Well…quite a bit more puzzling than Welsh, both in written and spoken form, from what I saw and heard. :scream:

But if there’s ever going to be a Say Something in Finnish course I’ll take it into consideration. :smiley:


Novem, oletko Suomalainen? Vai oletko Italialainen? / Sei finlandese? O sei italiano/-a?


Finlandese ma sono nato in Italia. Muutin Italiasta Suomeen 9 vuotiaana ja asun nyt (vielä pari kuukautta) Suomessa :smile:

(edit - I’m Finnish but was born in Italy. I moved to Finland when I was 9 years old and live here now)


@justus-robin-hall and @Novem
Annwyl cyfeillion / Dear friends. We have a dedicated thread for those who wish to converse in Welsh. Should we have the same in Finnish and Italian? :laughing:
Seriously, could you provide translations into English or use private messages :smile:
(I love both Finnish and Italian, by the way and can even get by in one of them. :smile:)


Sorry, good point! :blush: :smile:


Croeso Kemosabe?


I think this is a point that deserves some thought - the main aim for English as the board language is so that learners of Welsh can communicate through a language they already speak… the same thing will hold true for the Spanish section as we (hopefully!) start to get more learners there…

But what happens when we have a Welsh course available through the medium of Spanish/Italian/Breton etc? The key aim for learners to be able to ask for help easily would no longer fit with just ‘everything in English’ - so I think we need to give some thought to the best ways of working around that…


No need to apolgise. :smile: I hope to get the chance of talking Welsh (and Italian?) to you again before too long.


Esperanto or Latin as the lingua franca? :laughing:
I know one person who’d support the former. :wink:


Oh yes…ond:

Is apparently the safe word :hushed:


And indeed the correct one. :+1:


I’ve just gotta know
a: what is a Volapükist
b what is a Sperantapük
Put me out of my misery, please. :smile:


Volapük is a created international language.
Then I am assuming that a Volapükist is someone who speaks the language or is an enthusiast for it.
Sperantapük must be Volapük for Esperanto.


I always thought it was random sounds, turns out there’s a language sounding more or less like this? :grinning:

p.s. @Novem even though I can guess it has something to do with Finland, Suomessa still sounds quite funny to an Italian!


O Dioch yn fawr iawn / Thank you very much.
I shall be able to sleep tonight. :smile:


Correct! :slight_smile:


Ive jumped over here now so as not to Hijack Aran’s important Spread the word type topic -

Ha ha, come to Cardiff, and catch the free weekend coach to North Wales :slight_smile: Bring a pillow for the slow journey and you will be totally fluent by the time you get to Bangor :smiley:


You mean coaches like those from Cardiff to Aber that are free on weekends?
You can go up to the north on those as well?
Good idea, it may work as long as there’s a fluent speaker travelling the same route, I guess! :grinning: