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The 'parents teaching kids' project - other languages?


I have posted the Spanish one in Slack/#Spanish.


And I have posted the Italian one in Slack/#Italian. My son Matthew makes a guest appearance in this one!


You are all so awesome. I already see the benefits of this all! I’ll record my tomorrow but just for the test of if everything is OK and for the taste of the Slovene language, I’ve posted on Slovene channel something different, something what I already had on my YouTube channel for the taste. It isn’t what’s required yet but you might enjoy it anyway (if you’d benefit really I don’t know though).


You’re all fantastic. Really superb :star: :star2: :heart:


I just found my webcam that I haven’t really used in years and got it to work on my new computer. So I could offer German if anyone is interested.


O, yes. I must begin from the beginning again. :slight_smile:

As promissed, my test (Session 1) recording is on Slovene Slack channel.

@Aran already likes “govoriti”. What do you like the most? :slight_smile:



That would be absolutely fantastic! I’ll set up a #german channel in the Slack, and you can go straight in :star: :star2: :heart: