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The 'Please add me to the SSiW map' thread


Please add me to the map I live in Roxbury, Vermont, USA (moved to the USA in 2003 from Nuneaton, Warkwickshire, UK).


I’d be glad to add you, Andy, but you’re already on the map in Roxbury! Thanks!


Parma Idaho USA


Please add me to the map, I live in Pantygog, Pontycymer, In the beautiful Garw Valley. Diolch.


Hi Sionned, could you add me to the map when you have a moment, please? I live on Norman Avenue, St Margarets, Twickenham, TW1 2LY, UK. (Possibly more information than you need but better too much than too little.) Thanks, Nigel.


Only if there are any mad keen Welsh rugby fans listening :smiley:


Ah yes, the rugby. Perhaps the only downside to living here.


Hello. Could you add me to the map too please, Sionned? I live in Stockport, Greater Manchester. Diolch!


@sionned Hi Sionned, Can you add me to the map, please. I live in Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire. Thanks


Hi Sionned. Could you add me please? I am in Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Canada. Thanks!


Hi Nigel, I used to live in Beaconsfield road, St Margarets! (Then I moved to Canada.). Pity, we could practice our Cymraeg in the Crown! Cheers Sue


Hi Sue, that would have been so convenient. We could have started in the Crown and then on to the White Swan.
All the best, Nigel


S’mae Sionned. Fedri di “add” fi i’r Map, os gwelwch yn dda? Dw i’n byw yn Llangoed, Ynys Môn. Diolch, Phil


Hi Sionned
Please add me to the map of learners, I live in Llandanwg, Gwynedd
Diolch yn fawr!
Carole Beavis


Rhuthun, LL15 1ET, diolch!


Dear Sioned–Please put me on the SSiW map. I am in the USA in the state of California. The city is Garden Grove, about 40 miles south of Los Angeles. Diolch!–Nancy Doman


Got it added to the map, but I have a question - are you the same person as “nannerdoman” (who is also shown at Garden Grove)?


I can empathise with the tone of panic in your writing @diane-mathias!

For me, to my mind, something about the very hugeness and interconnected-ness, internationally and online directly on the internet, of this forum, feels a bit scary, and in virtual conversations, and in taking initiatives, any delays and any gaps in updating or notification, or difficulties of re-finding webpages or whatever, can be quite vertigo-inducing.

I do not have those/these difficulties (so much) with Facebook or Slack - or I do not think so - but Twitter is just beyond me, and What’s App is just fine short term, but drives me barmy as a means to keep in touch with an active institution or whole cohort…

My mind has gone a bit of a blank right now, just imagining trying to find the SSi map, but I’ve got to go now, go offline, and remember to go/come back to my tablet & the internet on my return home, and look again for people I may, or my not know/have met locally or in my rapidly expanding - or deepening - “World of Welsh Experiences Past, Present & Future!


A big thank you, @Sionned, for placing my pin in the sea off a beautiful beach in Cardigan Bay. Please don’t move it; I will spend as much time as possible there so people know where to find me. I just had a quick look at the world map, and found someone learning Welsh on one of the world’s remotest islands. I must just ask him if he fancies a chat on Slack…


Oops, sorry! How about I put you at least on the beach?!