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The 'Please add me to the SSiW map' thread 🗺


It looks like a rather speedy response to me! Diolch yn fawr iawn!


Hi Sionned,
I don’t think I ever asked to be put on the map when I first started. Can you please add me?;


Hi! I’m new and I’d like to be added to the “Rest of the World” map. :slight_smile: I’m actually in two locations (the joys of being a student!):

Bothell, WA 98021


Ellensburg, WA 98926


Curious - which one’s home and which one school?


Please can you add me in Wdig (Goodwick) Pembrokeshire SA64 0DU Sionned?


@Howard - Huh. I just went to the Goodwick (Wdig) area and found a marker already there for you, though it doesn’t say Wdig. Would you like me to add that? And does the location need to be adjusted any?


Oh! I couldn’t see myself when i looked at the map. Yes, please add Wdig if you would. Same location


Done. Thanks!


Many thanks. I love what you’re doing.


Please can you add me to the map? I’m in Mullion right down in the deep South of Cornwall …
Many thanks !


Hi, please can you add me to the map too? I’m in Ulm, in southern Germany.
Thank you!


me too please …worcester england