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The 'Please add me to the SSiW map' thread 🗺


Hi Sioned
Can I be added to the map please.
Derry, Ireland


Can you add me to the map please?

Framlingham Road S2 2GU


Thanks for adding me Sionned, I can’t find how to easily contact local members who have been listed on the map like the links that are listed on the meeting places map. Am I missing something?


These maps have been going for many years, and much of it was done on the ‘old’ forum. Some of the people who are shown on the map are no longer active with SSiW for one reason or another, but we have no way to know which ones for sure. However, when you click on a marker you should get the person’s forum name. If you copy that, and then click on the search icon (the magnifying glass) at the top right of the forum banner, enter the name you copied and click on “search,” you will get a link to their profile (along with other things where they are mentioned) IF they are still on the forum. If, instead, you get “no results” that is probably a person who is no longer active (or has changed their name without telling me). When you get a good result with a profile link, you can use that to contact that person.


Thanks Sionned, will try that xx


Helo, Sionned, I’d like to be put on the map as Anne DeMarsay. I live in Centreville, Virginia, about 25 miles SW of Washington, DC.


I have put you on the map with your forum name. If you wish, i can add your full name to the information box that pops up when someone clicks on your marker. Just let me know.


Thank you, Sionned. My forum name is fine (I wasn’t sure I’d used my last name initial, because I didn’t on Slack). If someone nearby wants to reach me, they’ll have enough info to message me.


Hello! I was wondering if I could be added to the map too, Sionned. I live in Springfield, Oregon, USA.

Thanks so much for adding people! It’s fun seeing everyone all over the world.


Please could you add me to the map. I live in Harpenden, England. Diolch


@beth-6 looks like we both live near each other! would you want to chat online at some point and see if we could be a good match for learning together/chatting together?


Hi Could you add me to the map as well, I’m in Barry. CF62 4LX. Diolch


Hmm… If I put in the post code it puts you over in St. Athan, some six miles from Barry. Is that right?


oops CF62 6LX, well spotted


Not sure if I’m on . Did ask a while back , I live in Cefn y bedd Flintshire :slightly_smiling_face:


I had you on the map, but you had only said “near Mold” previously. I’ve moved your marker to Cefn-y-bedd now.

Some information for everyone: When you bring up one of the maps (Wales only, UK, etc.) there should be a list on the left side that you can search for your (or someone else’s) forum name. They’re in alphabetical order so it is easy to scroll down through it. And if you see a marker on the map near you, you can click on the marker to get that person’s name, and contact them through the forum.


Hi Sioned…please can you add me to the map? I live in Cuddington which is south of Northwich in Cheshire. Many thanks! Ann G


Shwmae Sionned! I’ve just realised that I haven’t asked you to move my pin for me. I’m now living in Vitoria-Gasteiz, the Basque Country - postcode 01001. Anywhere in the almond-shaped old quarter will do :slight_smile:


Diolch yn fawr, @Sionned!


Would you mind adding me to the map, please? I live in Asheville, North Carolina, US Putting the pin around 35.59709196085002, -82.54966164166555 would be great, but anywhere in asheville centre would be great.

Thank you!