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I am reading this book at the moment, and struggling a bit, so the tip about the dialect is very helpful. This was one of my purchases in a Caernarfon charity shop last holiday.



Just ordered this as my first welsh read … not sure if it’s going to be a bit too adventurous at the moment so I also ordered a welsh picture dictionary haha … looking forward to giving it a try :blush: Glad I’ve found this thread … love books and can’t wait to start a welsh collection :books:


I’d like most of these to be honest, Anthony!


Hi Anthony, I am interested in this book. Please let me know how much postage and packaging is and how to send this to you. Is it via Pay Pal?

Best wishes Eve.


I have send a private message :slight_smile:


I have sent you a private message :slight_smile:


I’d like Coed Y Brenin if possible, please. Tried and failed to get a copy on my last visit to a Welsh bookshop.


Currently @micaela-bester has got first dibs on these all except Un Noson Dywyll which is going to @eve-3. Have a chat with her. It might be that she reads it first and then sends it on to you?? :blush:


You can have it @cetra-coverdale-pear I’ll have my hands full with all the others!


Thank you Micaela! :slight_smile:


Would love some books specifically for beginners. I’m only on level 1 challenge 21 but have started buying a few kids book to hopefully help me.


Hi Claire,

They’ve all been rehomed now but hopefully they’ll be passed on again :slight_smile:


Ok thank you for letting me know.



Mochyn Gwydr by Irma Chilton.
I found this book for teenagers difficult at first, partly because there were a lot of new words and partly because I initially really disliked Sandra. She is dishonest, deceitful and rude, and she exploits people, particularly Dewi. After a while I started to want things to turn out well for her. Then I realised that my desired outcomes for Sandra were a product of my own ideas and expectations. Then I started to question my ideas and expectations. That has to be a good book, cleverly written. It was winner of the Prose Medal in 1989.


Pedair Cainc Y Mabinogi by Siân Lewis.
I have a vague memory of reading these stories long ago in English. It seemed high time that I had a try in Welsh and this version for quite young children proved to be suitable and enjoyable. There are lots of illustrations, and there is a handy who’s who in the front. Maybe one day I will try a fuller version, but this is fine for now.


Thank you for the suggestion, I was looking for something in addition to Amdani. I have ordered it through my local library.