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I’ve had to put this one down as it’s a bit above my level at the moment…i keep trying to read it but it defeats me every time


I have several books like that at the moment.


Incidentally, regarding the Cyfres Amdani books in Kindle/Electronic version -
Does anyone know how to access the definitions of the bold type words and phrases directly, or do I need to go to the glossary at the back each time? OK, I could have the glossary open in another tab, but I just thought that I’d ask :slight_smile:


Hi John,

If you select any text on the Kindle App (any book) on my iPhone it offers a Wikipedia, translation and dictionary pop up, although sadly this is nowhere near as good as it sounds / could be.

I’m not sure if this facility exists on other devices

Rich :slight_smile:


I’ve just started reading Yn Ei Gwsg gan Bethan gwanas. Mae’n ddoniol. Dw i’n hoffi fe. It’s level sylfaen and it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be as now it’s using roedd which the mynediad wasn’t.(I read one mynediad maybe I’m jumping ahead) And then I realised it’s North Wales,Welsh. I am going to persevere, I’m never sure whether to go easier or stick with something challenging. But I’ve bought the harder books :rofl:


Hi @jen

I have had a lot of books that seem hard for about three chapters and then usually the brain adjusts somehow - it’s weird :smile:

Dal ati for 4 chapters - see what happens! (as long as your enjoying it of course!) :sunny:

Rich :slight_smile:


Diolch. I am enjoying it so we’ll see if my brain adjusts :slight_smile:


I’ve done a bit of both @jen. A little bit easier is a good confidence boost to help you realise how much you’ve learned already and a bit harder is, of course, a good way of learning new stuff and challenging yourself. The main thing is to enjoy it. When the fun stops, stop!


Just finished this trilogy and really recommend it! :slight_smile: It’s aimed a teenagers but makes an excellent next step after books for learners. It’s a ripping story too, but be warned, the first one is a massive cliff hanger so you won’t want to wait long to get the next one! :slight_smile: Here’s a trailer:


I need to make room on my bookshelf for more Bethan Gwanas books :rofl:so these are up for grabs! :slight_smile: Either swop or sell :slight_smile: image


Merch Y Gwyllt - Bethan Gwanas

I’m not sure that many things are worth waiting 17 years for like some people had to wait for this sequel but I only read the first one a few years ago so I didn’t have to. :joy:

This is the follow up to Gwrach y Gwyllt (read about that here … The SSiW Welsh Book Club 📖 📚 👓 ) and is in the same vein so if you enjoyed the first one, which I did, then this one is a must. It follows Meg’s life as she grows up from birth through to adulthood with her “mum” and two “aunties” … I really don’t want to give details for fear of spoiling the first book for those that haven’t read it yet (where have you been?). This is obviously a story about witches with lots of spell casting, etc. but don’t expect Harry Potter! There is, though, a nice little mention for SaySomethinginWelsh, brilliant!

Thoroughly enjoyable, highly recommended, really, really excellent. Bethan says in the prelogue that … “Gyda llaw, mae’n well darllen Gwrach y Gwyllt cyn Merch y Gwyllt, ond nid yw’n anghenreidiol.” (By the way, it’s better to read GyG before MyG, but it’s not necessary.)

This is not suitable for children or prudish people … there’s even a warning on the back cover, “Oherwydd ei ieithwedd a’i themau, nid yw’r llyfr hwn yn addas i blant.” With that in mind it’s not written with learners in mind … enjoy with a dictionary if needed … but enjoy all the same.


Hey, I’d be really interested in the top three - I was aiming to buy them anyway! Let me know somehow if this is possible (I’m new to the forum).


Hi Davey! Cysgod and eFfrindiau are available for you :slight_smile: I had an enquiry about Ffenestri so I’ll just chase that up before confirming. I’ll send you a PM :slight_smile:


All the books I posted above are now on their way to new homes, so happy reading everyone! :slight_smile: I’m sure I’ll have some others up for grabs soon though! :slight_smile: